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7 Clever Boutique Design Tips for Planning Your Store

These 7 Clever Retail Design Ideas for boutique owners will help showcase your products in the best light, maximise space and create intrigue with your customers. As boutique owners, space is at a premium and the variety of products mean there are lots of items that need to be on display. So how do you fit everything in without making your store look cluttered and messy?

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  1. Maximise Wall Space
  2. But Don’t Forget Floor Space
  3. Invest in Smart Furniture
  4. Get Organised!
  5. Fill Your Windows
  6. Storefront Goals
  7. Curb Appeal


Maximise Wall Space

Boutiques are small, but the best way to make use of your space is to make the most use of your wall space while allowing you the flexibility to change things around if you need to. While fully fitted wall units will look the most put together, you can set up a shop without needing to invest in a lot of handy building works with some clever designed freestanding shelves and rails. You can use the remaining wall space to display art work, mirrors and hooks which will be easier to put up yourself.


But Don’t Forget Floor Space

Floor space is an often overlooked space, but taking advantage can not only soften up your retail space and give it a cozy, lived in feel but provided much needed extra display area that little boutiques desperately need. Get creative with baskets and barrels of varying high to create a design focal point and draw your customer’s eye. Then when your stock changes, flip over the baskets and use as low tables or to display product on top tables.


Invest in Smart Furniture

Retail furniture is designed to maximise display space where wall space is not available. Once you’ve maximised the height of your wall spaces, smart furniture will help you maximise spaces in the middle floor areas. Furniture such as tiered gondolas, nesting tables, and spinning displays provide maximum surface area to display products on, while occupying as little floor space as possible while keeping walkways clutter free and clean for your customers. Furniture that can be moved around and stacked up will be particularly useful if your boutique plans to host events and workshops as they can be stored away or moved to create extra space for visitors.


Get Organised!

You might not appreciate as a consumer all of the props, tiles, baskets and organisational elements that go into a store design. But once you open a shop, they become your own hidden tricks! These little bits add up, so if you are just starting out, think about the types of products you will be stocking and how you can invest in some multipurpose organisational pieces such as baskets, statement tiles, trays, crates, tiered stands and more. You will want these to either blend seamlessly with your furniture or to be statement pieces of their own.


Fill Your Windows

Whether you have a large dedicated window sill or not, window design and displays are invaluable way to catch outside passers attention while ensuring you display as much product as possible throughout the height of the window. Keep in mind that this display will need to change often with the seasons or as new products arrive. Ceiling hooks are a great way to create a floating display of items throughout the seasons. You can also get window decals or employ a local artist to commission something special just for your store.


Storefront Goals

Your storefront is the first things new customers see as they are driving or walking by and the first impression of what they can expect once they’re inside. Decide whether you want to fit into your local community aesthetic or stand out with a bold design. The impression you give outside should reflect the types of products inside. Whether you stock quirky and unique gifts or rustic chic homewares, make sure these details speak to customers from the outside. Paint and signage are a good place to start, but adding an A-framed board with more info will help customers get a preview of all of the goodies on offer.


Curb Appeal

If you have planning permission to do so, making use of your pavement space is a great way to draw more attention to your shop and make it look welcoming to customers. Adding seating like a cute bench or chairs encourages potential customers to linger. Where customers linger, other customers will be intrigued to explore and showcase your boutique as a community hub.


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