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6 January Window Display Ideas


After the rush of the holiday season, it can be difficult to come up with ideas for decorating your shop’s windows. Whether you want to just refresh your window or completely start anew, these January window display ideas will spark your imagination. 

1. Recycle your New Year’s Eve decorations

No one likes having to clean up all the leftovers from a party, and it can also be pretty wasteful. So why not incorporate some of those party decorations in your display? From using party hats to make a tree to artwork with noise makers and confetti, the possibilities are endless.

Image source: Vogue

Image source: Pinterest

2. Celebrate minor holidays 

With the passing of Christmas and New Year’s, it can be a bit challenging to think of ideas for creative displays. One idea is to find some smaller holidays to celebrate during January. With Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States, to the Fast of Epiphany, there are several interesting celebrations to take inspiration from.  

If doing multiple holidays in a month already makes you uneasy, choose one of the few month-long celebrations for the month, like Hot Tea Month, National Hobby Month, or National Soup Month. 


Image source: Pinterest

3. Find a theme

Themes are probably the easiest place to start. Being the new year, it’s easy to get wrapped up in only focusing on goals, health, and wellbeing. But there are other themes out there that can be even more fun. For instance, using Winter Wonderland as your theme, and having a snowy village in your window. Themes can be as easy as using winter or cold themed movies like Twilight or Frozen.


Image source: Square Signs


Image source: Pinterest


4. Bring in some warmth

January can be one of the most miserable months with the cold and the occasional snow — so why not bring a little warmth and cheer to shoppers. Using a warmer colour palette, incorporating snuggly blankets and sweaters, or having the focus be around cosy beverages are just a few ways to bring the warmth back into your store displays. 

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Makerie Studio (via Behance)

5. Share resolutions

Sometimes it is nice to embrace the New Year's spirit and share some goals or resolutions in fun ways; whether it's writing them on balloons to blow up and hang in the window, or just simply writing some out. Another way to incorporate this in your store is to invite customers inside to write down their goals and resolutions for them to be displayed in the window. 

6. Let it shine

If all else fails, get out the glitter and go to town. These days it is easy to add a little shine or hint of metallic flair into a window display. Try making fun clear balloons with glitter and shiny confetti inside. You can even get metallic fringed piñatas to hang. The options are endless and fun.


Image source: Ravelin Magazine 


With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, January should be a nice time to take a deep breath while continuing to keep everything running. If you feel particularly proud of a display, have more inspiration for us, or used one of our ideas please feel free to share and tag us on Instagram.

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