7 Independent Businesses Going Beyond Traditional Retail

in Growing a Business, Opening a Shop Jun 27, 2022

In February 2020, online retail sales made up approximately 19% of all retail sales. Only two years later, in March 2022, this jumped to 26% of total sales.  Even as the world is well into its post-pandemic recovery, brick and mortar stores have had to work hard to regain their footing against the increasing popularity of online shopping.  The rise of the ‘experience economy’, where people are spending more on in-person experiences as opposed to...

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12 Retail Store Layouts & Need-to-Knows

in Growing a Business, Opening a Shop Jun 24, 2022

Designing a store layout is part art and a lot science. Understanding the theory behind common store layouts will give you an important grounding before you go on to design your own. We’re going to walk you through some proven store layouts (with diagrams!) and best practices, as well as guiding you on what might be right for you. 

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From Styling to Stationery: An Interview With the Couple Behind Pavilion

in Growing a Business, Meet the Maker Jun 10, 2022

If you think Pavilion's stationery designs wouldn't look out of place in a modern art museum, you wouldn't be far off. The duo's stylish stationery is a hit with a range of retailers and renowned gift shops, owing to its unique and contemporary designs. We speak to founders Robert & Jan about their journey together from the world of fashion, to making their mark in the stationery world.

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How to Go Digital With Your Wholesale Business

in Growing a Business, Selling Wholesale Jun 8, 2022

  Whether across B2C or B2B, buyer behaviour is changing. It’s been happening for a while, and has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of sector, Ecommerce is booming, with shoppers opting for online shopping more than ever before. In 2019, retail generated £60.4 billion, with the wholesale sector ranking first in the UK for 3 consecutive years, with 214.7 billion generated in 2019 alone.

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Capitalising on Key Events as a Small Business

in Growing a Business, Selling Wholesale May 27, 2022

In a recent report by Ofcom, it was revealed that 64% of Britons browse headlines online weekly, while 35% cite social media as a place they regularly get their news.

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How to Future-Proof your Brand

in Growing a Business, branding, future Apr 13, 2022

When you ask global leaders about the future of business, you might often hear responses that involve the words “crypto,” “metaverse,” or “NFTs.” While this might be true, it doesn’t exactly help retail store owners or independent brands practically plan for the future on the scale of a small business. So, in the spirit of forward-thinking, we asked some members of the CREOATE community, as well as some of our very own team members, for advice...

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Female Founders That Inspire Us

in Growing a Business, female, entrepreneuer, founders Feb 17, 2022

According to a study from Guidant Financial, 27% of small businesses are female founded — and this number is only growing. Not surprisingly, 26% of these were started with the goal of pursuing a passion, retail and ecommerce being the leading segment among them, whether the focus is on beauty, health, or fitness. Taking a look at some of the world’s leading female founders, today we’re highlighting those who have crafted an empire out of a...

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5 Lessons from our Retailers’ Roundtable

in Growing a Business, customer service, digital, branding, Creoate Jan 28, 2022

In the past two years, window shopping has transformed to window scrolling — and then back again. With an ever-changing pandemic and discovery of optimised digital retail tools, businesses, local boutiques and Fortune 500’s alike, have turned to the web to provide online solutions to browsing through racks of clothing, shelves of books, and tables of other merchandise. 

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How to Plan a Successful Product Shoot, with Danni Rossi

in Growing a Business Jan 14, 2022

Images: C/O Danni Rossi Studio

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7 Ways to Win Back Time in 2022

in Growing a Business Dec 11, 2021

When we sent out our small business survey earlier this year, we asked our retailer community about the biggest challenge they’re currently facing: Brexit, the pandemic, or other. 

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