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What Makes a Page-Topping Brand on CREOATE?


Are you looking to take your brand to the top of its game on CREOATE? To achieve that coveted page-topping status, it's essential to understand the key factors that influence your brand's ranking. At CREOATE, we value customer satisfaction and reward brands that prioritise it. So, read on as we cover our top tips on reducing cancellations, improving your store's conversion rate, boosting your repeat order rate, and offering an exceptional experience for your customers.

Additionally, we'll share some insights on helping set accurate expectations for potential customers, and increasing traffic to your store, all in aid of helping your brand rise to the top of CREOATE's rankings. So, let's dive in!


1. Keep your fulfilment rate high

Mistakes happen, and sometimes cancellations are necessary — we totally get that. But cancelled orders are a really disappointing experience for our retail customers, and as such our algorithm rewards brands who cancel fewer orders. 

💡Top tips: Set stock levels for your products within your dashboard. This helps in situations where you have a finite amount of stock, or know there’ll be a delay for the next batch. 

Taking time away from your business? Remember you can easily switch your store to ‘On Holiday’ mode to stop orders coming during this period. 

Received an order you can’t fully fulfil? Don’t cancel it straight away! Message your buyer and suggest a modification — more often than not they’ll be happy to accept it. 


2. Create a high-converting store page

Our algorithm looks at the number of orders your brand has received over a period of time, with high-converting brands getting a higher ‘weight’ in the ranking. 

Think about what you can do to actively promote your CREOATE store from the get-go. Make the most of your social media profiles, website, and any trade show interactions to drive traffic to your store. Consider scheduling occasional promotions. For more specific tips on this, check out our guide to referrals

That said, if you’re a new brand, or are yet to receive many orders, don’t be disheartened; the number of orders you’ve had is just one of many factors our algorithm takes into account, and there’s plenty we do to promote new brands, too. 

📚 Bookmark this for later: How to Optimise Your CREOATE Store


3. Improve your repeat rate

Not all orders are created equal. If a retailer comes back to buy from you, this is a strong indicator that your products meet expectations, and sell well. That’s why we give slightly more positive ‘weight’ to repeat orders over new ones. 

While elements of your repeat rate may feel out of your control, there’s a lot you can do to encourage retailers to come back and buy from you:

  • Provide a great customer experience
  • Message past buyers through our CRM and Messaging tools
  • Reply to messages promptly
  • Ship within your lead time
  • Package your products carefully
  • Add promotions (followers will be alerted)
  • Add new products (followers will be alerted)
  • Overdeliver — throw in a free sample, or a handwritten note. Check in once the retailer has received their package to make sure everything’s in order

💡Top tips: Check in later down the line, too. You may have a new product line that you think would fit well in their store, or you want to see how your products have been selling and ask for feedback. These little touches all go a long way when it comes to building a relationship. 


4. Offer a reliable service

Setting accurate expectations, and delivering on them, is at the heart of a good customer experience. This includes honouring your stated lead time, as well as avoiding order issues like delays, missing items or damages. First impressions are everything, and disappointments can impact cancellations or repeat purchase rate.

💡Top tip: Feeling overwhelmed with too many orders, or experiencing delays? Consider temporarily increasing your lead time to help manage expectations for new orders.  

If you have any questions on setting lead time, and our expectations around managing orders, be sure to check out our FAQs, or reach out to our friendly support team over live chat. 


5. Increase traffic to your store

While we do our part, you can also help increase traffic, which in turn boosts your ranking.

  • Optimise your product names & descriptions
  • Tag your products in categories
  • Add the CREOATE widget to your website
  • Referrals (see our guide to referrals)

Help us spread the word, and get more independent retailers shopping through CREOATE! The more people you encourage to shop with us, the better it is for your brand.

And this doesn’t mean you need to have loads of existing retail contacts, either. You can still ‘refer’ retailers you’ve never even heard of, and offer a welcome discount (on us!) while you’re at it.

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Your path to success on CREOATE

So what have we learned? Achieving success on CREOATE involves a strategic approach that prioritises customer satisfaction by minimising cancellations, and nurturing repeat business. By following the easy wins and tips provided in this blog, you'll be well on your way to enhancing your brand's performance and increasing your chances of securing one of those coveted spots at the top of customers' search results. Whether you're a seasoned brand, or just starting out, CREOATE offers plenty of opportunities for growth and recognition. Your journey to becoming a page-topping brand on CREOATE starts here.

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