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Selling Wholesale

How to Make Your Wholesale Store Stand Out




It’s a competitive space out there for brands in the ecommerce space. Whether you’re selling direct to customers or wholesale, standing out in your corner of the internet has become more important than ever.

We’ve pulled together some advice on making your wholesale store stand out online.

On this page

  1. Optimise your store
  2. SEO (Search engine optimisation)
  3. Make the Most of Social Media
  4. Enhance Your Visuals
  5. Review your Categories
  6. Collaborate & Send Out Samples
  7. Spotlight your Products
  8. Let your Store Shine!

Optimise your store

If you’re selling wholesale on a few different platforms or online marketplaces, you’ll probably already be aware of the varying criteria and requirements. Product image sizes and dimensions may differ, along with shop banners and logos. With everything from figuring out product naming criteria, filling out your business information and uploading SKUs, we realise it’s a lot. 

So, to make things a little easier, we’ve put together a guide on how to optimise your CREOATE store to get the best use out of the platform. We encourage you to use this as a checklist to come back to, and check tips off as you go.

SEO (Search engine optimisation)


Optimising your CREOATE store to get the most out of it is one thing, but have you optimised your website so customers (and potential customers!) can more easily find it via Google?

It’s worth researching keywords relevant to your brand to see if there are any you could make use of in product names, product descriptions, and across your website more generally where relevant. SEO is often overlooked by small businesses, but it’s definitely a tool worth brushing up on as it can help generate organic traffic to your website, and is completely free. 

While you may want to invest in software or consult with a specialist as you find your feet, it’s totally possible to implement on your own with enough research. Just remember, SEO is definitely a long-game strategy, so don’t expect immediate results as you would for paid search or social boosting. Learn more about SEO for eCommerce in our guide here.

Make the Most of Social Media

Is your brand on social media? If not, why not? Depending on your target audience, scope out which platforms are best for your brand, and get sharing.

Whether you’re sharing short-form video clips for Tiktok, posting behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, or updating customers about in-person tradeshows or events you may be attending on Twitter or Facebook —  social media is a great communication tool. If you haven’t already, make sure to include icons and links to all your profiles on your website. 

Consider designing business cards with your social handles on to drop into your orders, too. If a retailer has found your business through CREOATE, for example, they may not have thought to find you on social media. This way, they can keep up with your business, and any news you share.

Beyond being a tool for communication, your social media channels are a chance to really show your personality. This is what sets you apart from your competitors, and helps customers remember you.

Enhance Your Visuals


markus-spiske-dvH6qb4tcIk-unsplash (1)

You shouldn’t need us to remind you, but good-quality imagery is everything. Humans are visual creatures, and high-quality visuals can often help seal the deal when it comes to sales.

A 2018 study of US shoppers aged 25 to 34 stated that they expected five photos for any product while shopping online. With this in mind, consider how you might present your products in those 5 images. Images of the product in and out of packaging, close up, as well as an action shot of the product in use, can help build trust with customers. These kinds of images also demonstrate the product in different ways, and help retailers decide how they might sell and market your product, as well as helping them visualise how it might look in their store.

For ideas on how to enhance your product photography and plan the perfect photoshoot, check out these tips from professional photographer Danni Rossi.

Review your Categories

A wall of products can be a little intimidating for your customers as they browse, especially if they’re scanning for something specific as they stock up.

Whether in your CREOATE store or on your own website, be sure to make use of categories. This makes it much easier for retailers to find products relevant to their store. Bring in SEO when it comes to naming them, as you may find using certain keywords generates more traffic to certain category pages.

Collaborate & Send Out Samples

Consider working with fellow creators and makers to get your product featured on relevant social media accounts with similar audience or customer demographics. Perhaps you could do swaps with fellow makers, a feature in exchange for a feature.


Alternatively, you could work with influencers or business accounts on a gifted basis to generate coverage and reviews. Allocate a monthly budget — it doesn’t have to be much! — for ad hoc gifting, and paid reviews or features. Don’t limit yourself to social media for exposure, either. Look into popular email newsletters, podcasts, or even local publications if you want to tap into an audience closer to home. You don’t have to be in PR or marketing to garner good coverage, and saving for odd spots in different mediums, especially around times of year when you need to stand out more (think Christmas, or any other seasonal holidays where a higher sales volume is expected).

If it feels difficult to justify, consider it an investment in your brand’s growth through exposure. For traceability when it comes to where your website traffic is coming from, Google Analytics is your friend. This will allow you to see how many of your page visits have come from a link in an email newsletter you were featured in, or via a specific social media post. You can also include trackable discount codes to determine whether a feature is worth doing again.

Spotlight your Products

Highlight products on your social media, email newsletter, and website on a regular basis. Either weekly or monthly, spotlight products based on seasonality, or maybe just because they just need a visibility boost. 

This can help inspire your customers to seek them out, and bring awareness to products that perhaps get less attention than they should.

Let your Store Shine!

These are just some ways to make your wholesale store stand out from competition, and ensure you get seen by the right people. We love sharing tips and advice when it comes to ecommerce and selling wholesale.

For more information, check out our Instagram for regular content and features, as well as the dedicated ‘Selling Wholesale’ section on our blog.

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