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How to Optimise Your CREOATE Store

CREOATE was built to help independent businesses thrive. So whether you’re already selling wholesale through CREOATE, or if you’re thinking about getting started, read up on our top tips for getting the most out of your online CREOATE store. 

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  1. Add an eye-catching logo and banner image
  2. Craft a great store description
  3. Add as many products as possible
  4. Add multiple high quality images per product
  5. Offer a discount
  6. Link to your CREOATE store from your website
  7. Offer faster shipping
  8. Make use of your email tool
  9. Add all correct and relevant tags for your brand

1. Add an eye-catching logo and banner image

Your logo and banner image form a huge part of the first impression your store makes. The banner image is like your shop window; it needs to catch the attention of retailers, and show off the best of your products. For best results:

  • Banner images should be 2000px by 375px, with a file size under 1MB
  • Logos should be square (minimum 200px by 200px for best quality), and also with a file size under 1MB

And your logo? Well that’s a way to add a touch of extra professionalism and credibility to your brand. Not got a logo yet? Try making one in Canva — we’re huge Canva fans here, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do. 

We typically recommend using lifestyle images for this top banner. This combo from Wild and Stone works really well. 

That said, product 'collages' can also be really effective when designed carefully - like this one from Been Creating. The contrast between the logo and background colours really packs a punch.


2. Craft a great store description

Writing about yourself and your brand can feel cringey — we totally get that. But we love hearing about the story behind your brands, and we know our retailers do, too. Not only does it help sell your brand to them, it also helps them when selling your products on to their own customers. And it makes our team more likely to pick your brand up for roundups like this one. Simply put — it’s a win win!

As well as sharing your brand story, your store description is where you can build up trust in your brand. Retailers are looking for proof that you're a reliable brand, with products that reliably sell.

Try dropping in some of these trust signals: 

  • The number of stockists you have 
  • Any well-known stockists you have 
  • The number of years you've been in business 
  • Any media mentions and awards 
  • Any relevant past professional experience or qualifications you have 
  • Your Trustpilot rating (or equivalent) 

Paper Plane's store description is short and effective; it brings personality and small team charm to the brand, while also dropping great trust signals — key numbers and big retailer names add extra credibility to their products.  

Home County Co.'s store description is a little longer and more flowery. For a brand that's all about transporting people through the power of scent, taking a little extra time for storytelling here works beautifully. The description also weaves in key values, such as being vegan and British-made.

As well as sharing your story and selling your brand, your store description is the perfect place to capture some SEO benefits, too. Try to include the name of your brand and the word wholesale, and also to make your description at least 200 words long. This will increase the chances of your CREOATE store page appearing high up if people google your brand to find wholesale options. 


3. Add as many products as possible

Adding more products to your store makes your brand appear established, and it also means that retailers who are a fan of your brand have a decent selection of products to choose from when trying to hit your minimum order value. You need at least five different products (i.e. not variations of the same product) for your store to be visible on CREOATE. 

Having more products gives you more scope to play around with tags like 'Best Seller' and to arrange products into 'Bundles' — both of which help get more eyes on key products. 


With a catalogue of over 150 products, retailers have plenty of choice in Best Years's store. The 'Best Seller' button helps draw the eye to key products while browsing. 

Find out more: Best Practices for Uploading Your Products on CREOATE 


4. Add multiple high quality images per product

Having high quality images (and plenty of them) is one of the main ways to convert browsers into buyers — whether they’re buying for themselves, or for their store. 

Your product images should show the product in question clearly from all angles, and it’s also a good idea to throw in images of the product ‘in action’. Square format works best. 

Insider tip: We actually found it quite hard to find examples of brands who are doing this well, so product images are definitely an easy area to one-up your competition.  

UpCircle Beauty nails its product shots, seamlessly blending fun with functional; texture shots, lifestyle shots, award logos and packaging shots all come together for a fully-rounded sense of each item. The presence of cake is an added bonus. 

Many brands choose to work with a professional photographer to get a selection of great images to use for their CREOATE store, and on their own website. While this isn’t essential, just make sure the images are of a high quality. 

Try experimenting with using different images as the primary product image. Which gets more clicks? 


5. Offer a discount

When you’re offering a discount, this automatically appears as the first line in your store description, and people who are already following your store will also get alerted to this with an automatic email. It also means your store will appear when retailers choose to search with the 'On Offer' filter.

Lumore's 10% off offer increases their store's visibility, and makes buyers more likely to source stock from them. 


6. Link to your CREOATE store from your website

Whether your customers are buying for themselves or for their store, one thing remains true; the easier you can make their purchase journey, the more likely they are to buy from you. 

By linking your CREOATE store as your main way of taking wholesale orders, you can also save your new stockists money, as well as time. Check the notifications on your Seller Dashboard to see the latest offers available to share with your retail contacts, and advertise on your website.

Find out more: How do I refer my current retailers?

To find your unique link, go to your Dashboard > Email Marketing, and scroll down until you see your link (as above). Copy it in just one click, then share it far and wide! 


7. Offer faster shipping

Retailers can filter by how quickly you can turn around an order, so it's worth seeing if you can push yourself in this area, while still consistently meeting expectations. If your store currently gives a lead time of two weeks, could you get that down to one? How about under 72 hours?

Our speediest and most reliable shippers even get their own special tag: Super Shippers. Super Shippers ship orders reliably within around three days. Being a Super Shipper means your products are more likely to appear higher up on CREOATE, as this is one of the areas our algorithm takes into account when 'ranking' brands and products. 

When you're surrounded by thousands of great indie brands, the Super Shipper tag helps your business stand out, and is a beacon of hope to the last-minute retailers.  


8. Make use of your email tool

Did you know that you have your own email tool built right into your seller dashboard? This lets you send out mass emails to anyone following your store, or who has previously bought from your store. This is a great way to keep engaged customers (or potential customers) up to date with new product lines, back in stock announcements and new offers. 

You can also use this email tool for messaging existing retail contacts who aren't currently signed up to CREOATE. We have a template you can use to share your own unique code, alongside that 40% off code. 

To get started with our email marketing tool, go to Dashboard > Email marketing. You can then select an option under 'Automated Campaigns' at the top according to what you'd like to do. 


9. Add all correct and relevant tags for your brand

When setting up your store, you’ll be given the option to ‘tag’ your brand with certain identifiers, such as women-owned. Make sure you select all that apply at this stage. Not only does it help customers who are shopping with a particular value in mind, it also helps us when curating a list of brands for certain events or roundups. 

When you first sign up to sell on CREOATE, you might remember seeing this screen. If you'd like to update the values and categories you selected here, drop a message to our team on Live Chat and they'd be happy to help you with this. 

For individual products, you should select the most specific category for each item to give it the best chance of being discovered. For example, a face wash should go under ‘face cleansers and toners’ rather than simply ‘skincare’. It’s also worth triple checking you’ve picked the correct category — ‘face masks’ in particular are a common source of confusion! 


We're here to help

If you'd like help or advice or support with your CREOATE store, we're always happy to help — reach out to us via Live Chat. Or if you haven't set up your CREOATE account yet, you can do that here — we can’t wait to welcome you to our community!

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