How to Optimise Your CREOATE Store

Posted by Hannah on Mar 24, 2022 1:00:55 PM

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Whether you’re already selling wholesale through CREOATE, or if you’re thinking about getting started, below we’ve collated our advice on getting the most out of your online CREOATE store. 

1. Add a logo and banner image 

Your logo and banner image form a huge part of the first impression your store makes. The banner image is like your shop window; it needs to catch the attention of retailers, and show off the best of your products.

And your logo? Well that’s a way to add a touch of extra professionalism and credibility to your brand. Not got a logo yet? Try making one in Canva — we’re huge Canva fans here, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do. 

2. Craft a great store description

Writing about yourself and your brand can feel cringey — we totally get that. But we love hearing about the story behind your brands, and we know our retailers do, too. Not only does it help sell your brand to them, it also helps them when selling your products on to their own customers. And it makes our team more likely to pick your brand up for roundups like this one. Simply put — it’s a win win! 

As well as sharing your story and selling your brand, your store description is the perfect place to capture some SEO benefits, too. Try to include the name of your brand and the word wholesale, and also to make your description at least 200 words long. This will increase the chances of your CREOATE store page appearing high up if people google your brand to find wholesale options. 

3. Add at least five products 

Adding more products to your store makes your brand appear established. It also means that retailers who are a fan of your brand have a decent selection of products to choose from, and that they can arrange together in their own stores to make an impactful display. 

Having more than five products also makes you eligible to take part in our virtual trade shows. These are normally centered around a theme (e.g. sustainability, or wellness). If your products fit the theme, and you have more than five of them available, our Brand Partnerships team will reach out to you and invite you to take part. 

4. Add multiple high quality images per product 

Having high quality images (and plenty of them) is one of the main ways to convert browsers into buyers — whether they’re buying for themselves, or for their store. 

Your product images should show the product in question clearly from all angles, and it’s also a good idea to throw in images of the product ‘in action’. 

Many brands choose to work with a professional photographer to get a selection of great images to use for their CREOATE store, and on their own website. While this isn’t essential, you should make sure the new ones are of a high quality. 

Experiment with using different images as the primary product image. Which gets more clicks? 

5. Offer a discount 

When you’re offering a discount, this automatically appears as the first line in your store description. People who are already following your store will also get alerted to this with an automatic email.

6. Embed the CREOATE widget into your website

Whether your customers are buying for themselves or for their store, one thing remains true; the easier you can make their purchase journey, the more likely they are to buy from you. 

So you can understand why ‘fill in this form to discuss wholesale options’ is a lot less enticing than ‘click here to buy wholesale’. That’s where the CREOATE widget can be a huge help. 

Book a call here with our brand partnerships team for help with embedding this in your own website — we promise it’s super easy! And as a plus, any orders that come via your onsite widget won’t  

7. Encourage reviews 

We don’t need to bowl you over with facts about how much customer reviews help with pretty much every part of making a sale. Chances are you already know about this, either from running your own business, or from your own shopping habits. 

That said, we find brands generally don’t make enough use of our review feature. Encourage your happy wholesale customers to leave a review after shopping with you, and explain how this will really help you grow your business. The fact that retailers can filter to only see brands with a five or four star rating means there’s an opportunity to become easier to find than other brands in your niche. But even without this, a positive review and kind words can make a retailer much more likely to feel reassured to make a purchase once they’re on your store page. 

8. Offer faster shipping 

In the same way retailers can filter by the number of stars your store has, they can also filter by how quickly you can turn around an order. While you should always be able to meet expectations here, it’s worth pushing yourself to be able to deliver a bit faster. If your store currently gives a lead time of two weeks, could you get that down to one? How about under 72 hours?

CREOATE has made wholesale a whole lot more convenient, fast and reactive for independent retailers. The more reactive you can be, the better. 

9. Make use of your email tool 

Did you know that you have your own email tool built right into your seller dashboard? This lets you send out mass emails to anyone following your store, or who has previously bought from your store. This is a great way to keep engaged customers (or future customers) up to date with new product lines, back in stock announcements and new offers. 

It’s also how you can refer your existing customers to buy through your CREOATE store with your own unique links. You’ll never pay commission on orders from retailers you’ve invited to shop with you in this way, and there are extra benefits for you to do so — not least because it will help you keep your orders in one place, and we also take care of shipping for you. 

10. Add all correct and relevant tags for your brand and products 

When setting up your store, you’ll be given the option to ‘tag’ your brand with certain identifiers, such as women-owned. Make sure you select all that apply at this stage. Not only does it help customers who are shopping with a particular value in mind, it also helps us when curating a list of brands for certain events or roundups. 

The same goes for each of your products. Make sure you select the most specific category for each item to give it the best chance of being discovered. For example, a face wash should go under ‘face cleansers and toners’ rather than simply ‘skincare’. It’s also worth triple checking you’ve picked the correct category — ‘face masks’ in particular are a common source of confusion! 

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Written by Hannah

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