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Best Practices for Getting Your Products Found on CREOATE


“How can I get my products more visibility?” 

It’s a question we get a lot here at CREOATE. So we’ve put together some of our top tips for giving your products the best chance at success — both during the setup process, and beyond.

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Unsure on some of your product settings? Skip to part two for a detailed breakdown of what each one means.


Optimising your products for discovery


1. Choose the right category

When it comes to selecting the best category for your products, choose the one that’s most specific. So if you’re selling a tablecloth, put this in Tablecloths & Napkins, rather than the ‘parent category’, which is Home & Garden

This means your products will appear in smaller, more specific categories (with less competition) as well as any bigger parent categories.

We have over 300 product categories on CREOATE, and we’re always reviewing the ones we have on offer, and adding new ones as needed, so you may find your products sometimes change categories as a result. It’s also worth double checking every few months that your products are still sitting in the most optimised place. 

What about Collections? 

CREOATE Collections are curated product guides put together by our inhouse merchandising team, such as Gifts for Kids and Sustainable Stocking Fillers. CREOATE vendors aren’t able to add their own products to Collections.  


2. Write a good product title

A good product title is a specific one. It sounds basic, but anyone reading your product title should have a clear idea of exactly what your product is, without the additional context of photos, your store description, or the rest of your collection. 

A rough formula to follow is: 

  • What the product is
  • Something relating to the theme or design 
  • The size, and/or the number of the product included within the pack

There’s generally enough space for around 45-60 characters before your product description is cut off (as you can see in the third example here), although it’ll still appear in full on the product’s individual page. 


These product titles from Windsock Press are concise, clear and effective 


Clear product titles serve two purposes; they makes it easy for retailers to skim and understand your product when browsing, but they also mean your product is more likely to appear when someone searches relevant words in our search bar. 


When we search ‘thinking of you card’, it’s not long before we hit a Windsock Press product


How not to write a product title:  

Let’s say a vendor specialises in seeds and growing kits. They sell a set of seeds which is designed specifically for attracting more bees and butterflies to your garden. The product name is ‘Bees and Butterflies’.

Without the context of the store page, this name is confusing. It also means the product won’t appear for searches around ‘seeds’ or ‘gardening’. 

3. Craft a great product description

We see lots of good product descriptions (the field called ‘Long description’) on CREOATE. They tap into the benefits of the product, and cover the key need-to-knows.

This product description from UpCircle is lively, informative and compact


This description is 104 words long, and we wouldn’t recommend going much beyond 200 words as a max. 

Don’t forget to include any key dimensions, weight or volume, too. 

Now to make your product description great

We think more product descriptions would be great if they kept in mind one simple thing; on CREOATE, you’re selling to a retailer, not the end consumer. And while it’s easier to keep descriptions the same for both, consider a few small tweaks to really appeal to your wholesale audience. 

For example, you could mention: 

  • Awards your product has won
  • High-profile retailers who stock this product 
  • How best to display the product 
  • Other products that are typically bought alongside this one 
  • Who this product is popular with (demographics) 
  • Seasonal events/times of the year when this product sells particularly well 

Product descriptions & search 

Product descriptions do play a part in determining which products appear when a term is searched on CREOATE. So as with product titles, be sure to include key terms that will help identify your product. 

Including keywords in your product description (such as the type of product, and the word ‘wholesale’) could also help your product rank for relevant searches typed directly into Google — although there’s a lot more competition to deal with there! 

4. Enable bestsellers

Nobody wants to risk stocking the wrong products. Adding the ‘bestseller’ tag to your key products will get them up to four times more visibility


The eye-catching Best Seller tag, as seen on these Best Years products


5. Be a good vendor

How you conduct yourself as a vendor also influences how discoverable your products are, as it will affect how high they (and your brand in general) sit within a category. 

There’s no big secret here — it pretty much comes down to: 

  • Accepting and shipping orders quickly 
  • Having a shorter lead time, and being able to stick to it 
  • Quickly responding to messages in your dashboard 
  • Receiving repeat orders from your retailers
  • Fulfilling orders in full wherever possible

Product settings explained

Let’s quickly run through how to add a product to your CREOATE store, and what each of the settings mean:

1. Create a draft of your products with basic information

To upload a new product, go into your Dashboard > Products, and click ‘Add Products’. You’ll then see this screen: 



This is where you add the basic details of your products, and you can add details for multiple products at once in this stage (using one row per product). They’ll become a draft which you can then add more info to next.   

  • Name: The title of your product — this will be visible to people browsing CREOATE, and will be the only text visible for this product until it’s clicked on. 
  • Long description: The most comprehensive description of your product — this will be visible on the product page (once someone has clicked on your product)
  • Product category: The category your product will appear in, e.g. Glassware. There’s some advice on choosing the right product category coming up.
  • Wholesale price: What your retail customers will pay for your product 
  • Retail price: The price you recommend your retail customers sell your product for to the end consumer
  • Min order: The minimum number of this product a retailer needs to add to cart in order to place an order (if you don’t have a minimum, leave this at 0)

Once you’re done, hit ‘Save’. And don’t worry — it’s easy to change all of this information later. 

Need help figuring out pricing? Check out our guide to wholesale pricing to understand how to price your products, and what makes a good margin in your sector.  


2. Add more information to your draft products

When you now go into the ‘Products’ section on your dashboard, you’ll be able to see all your new products as drafts. 

Title, status, description, & images 


  • Product Status: Whether your product is live on CREOATE, or saved as a draft. Leave this as draft until your product is ready — you can update this later. 
  • Enable bestseller: This product will display at the top of your catalogue and be marked with a ‘Best Seller’ tag. Marking key products as bestsellers is proven to increase traffic and sales for these 
  • Images: Aim for four square images, no smaller than 500px x 500px. Ideally this should be a mix of product and lifestyle shots, and include an image of the product in its packaging

Type, pricing, shipping & discounts


  • Product type: Can be Simple or Variable. Choose Variable if your product has multiple variants, e.g. it comes in different sizes
  • Shipping: Add the dimensions of your product when it’s in its packaging
  • Discount: Adding a value here automatically puts your product ‘on offer’ for the price you enter
  • Enable bulk discount: Check this field if you want to give retailers money off when they buy a certain amount of product. You can enter the product amount, and percentage discount, once you’ve checked this box 

SKU & inventory management 


  • SKU: ‘Stock Keeping Unit’, or a specific code to track this product. We’ll automatically generate one for you, but you can replace it with your own if you wish 
  • Stock status: Set whether this product is in stock, out of stock, or on backorder. On backorder means it will come back into stock, and you have the option to continue accepting orders. 
  • Enable product stock management: Check this field if you want us to automatically set your product to out of stock based on the stock levels you add
  • Stock quantity: How much stock you have available (specifically for CREOATE purchases)
  • Low stock threshold: When stock of this product drops below the number you give here, we’ll alert you that stock is low
  • Allow backorders: Select whether you’re happy to take backorders of this product when it’s out of stock

And don't forget to press 'Save Product' once you're done! 


3. Switching your products to Live

To switch your product to live, you can either update the status to ‘Live” within the product itself, or easily toggle products between Live and Draft from your Products section:


You need at least five live products live for your store and products to appear on CREOATE. This doesn’t include product variants. 


And remember, we’re always here to help

If you have any questions on setting up your store, uploading your products, or setting yourself up for success on CREOATE generally, take a look at our FAQ section to see if we’ve covered your question, or reach out to us on live chat (icon in the bottom right corner of CREOATE). 

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