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Sparking Self-Care: The Rise of Healing Crystals

The crystal ball has spoken: mysticism has gone mainstream. From tarot cards to zodiac guides, the past year has seen an influx of interest in products that align the wellness craze with a higher power. And the crown jewel (so to speak) of the whole movement? Crystals

These stones (popular ones being quartz, amethyst, and citrine) work by being placed on the body or in nearby places to work with the body’s field of energy, helping deflect, absorb, or focus certain energies toward different chakras. Known for their healing properties, customers and retailers alike are flocking to get their hands on these rocks known for differing powers such as clarity, rejuvenation, peace, and even love. Gemstones are more than just decor on a shelf or charm on a bracelet — now, small businesses are harnessing their power in their shops to bring crystal energy straight into the chakras of spirituality-seekers everywhere. 

From Megan Markle’s healing block of white quartz on her desk to Adele’s fortune-bearing rock used as a backstage pre-performance ritual, the crystal craze has taken over the cosmos and has evolved from its 30,000-year-old indigenous origins and 1970s resurgence. 

But the trend didn’t come out of nowhere: some say it’s been heavily influenced by the pandemic-era notion of self-care, connecting with spirituality, and “detoxing” our hyper-online lives. After years of “unprecedented times” and lockdown notices, taking care of our body’s holistic well-being is at the forefront of our minds, and COVID-19 has made people increasingly willing to invite a mystical force into their lives – even if it’s just as a fashion accessory.  

On one hand, this stems from a desire to connect with the natural world, ditching Zoom calls and mindless Instagram scrolls for sustainable, locally-sourced products as well as a way to stay grounded. Second, the appeal of a daily ritual (i.e. the morning routine craze on Tik Tok), helps people bring practices such as meditation and mindfulness into their usual loop of rolling out of bed and heading straight to work or school. Whether used for healing, personal, or spiritual practices, “New Age” crystal beliefs have risen in popularity among Gen Zers and Millennials and become part of a billion dollar industry, according to Pew Research Center

Even as one of Creoate’s newest product categories, ‘crystal’ is already the second most searched word on the platform. The trend has become especially popularized amongst female customers, as some say it helps its users connect with their “divine feminine” energy. But don’t let that rule out an entire sector of your audience base — some crystals are said to contain masculine energy that can help with remaining balanced, regardless of gender. 

On Creoate, sellers such as Retrograde, based out of Denver, Colorado, hand craft “electroformed crystal jewelry” with the mission of helping customers manifest positivity and true intention in their lives. They make it so using these tools doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, you can purchase crystals in the form of plates, wands, on the go pocket hearts, and even tea ball infusers to elevate your afternoon cup to a whole new level. 

Rose quartz, clear quartz, and turquoise necklaces
Retrograde’s clear quartz, rose quartz, and turquoise necklaces hold a variety of healing properties

Wanting to invite some serious good energy into your space in the form of aromas instead? Light up one of Arcana Babe’s crystal-infused candles, which are created for “the babes seeking to explore the mysteries of their higher self.” This Black woman-owned brand utilises popular crystals like aventurine for prosperity, strawberry quartz for universal love, and pink opal for strengthening emotional connections. The best part? You can keep the gems left behind after your candle finishes burning for everlasting benefits.

Arcana Babe crystal-infused candle
Arcana Babe Aventurine Infused candle scented with tuberose at dusk, used for maintaining energy and optimism during difficult times

Under your pillow, in your work desk drawer, or around your neck, these powerful stones can have a place in anyone’s daily routine. Wholesale crystals might be just what your shop needs to elevate manifestations, align chakras, and add a dose of good fortune to your business.

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