A Beginner’s Guide to Bullet Journals

in Trends Apr 21, 2022

Organisation. It’s something a lot of people strive for. Whether in our work or personal lives, it can be a challenge to get everything ticked off, whilst also keeping track of all the moving parts.

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Key Insights from Our Trends in Retail Discussion

in Trends Mar 15, 2022

Trends come and go, but your store’s identity and personality never fades. A tricky balance between wanting to keep up to date with what’s in style within the industry, in terms of customer service, products, and technology, but also stay true to the core of your business, trends have been a topic of conversation as long as retail has excited. So while we have questions, we also have answers. 

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Sparking Self-Care: The Rise of Healing Crystals

in Trends, healing, crystals Jan 26, 2022

The crystal ball has spoken: mysticism has gone mainstream. From tarot cards to zodiac guides, the past year has seen an influx of interest in products that align the wellness craze with a higher power. And the crown jewel (so to speak) of the whole movement? Crystals. 

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Trending Fashion and Beauty Products for 2022

in Trends Dec 11, 2021

  As 2021 draws to a close, we’re turning our attention to the new year and, more specifically, to one important question; what’s hot for 2022?

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Talking Top Retail Trends for 2022, with Wizz Selvey

in Growing a Business, Trends Dec 1, 2021

Retail has changed a huge amount over the last 18 months. Whether you’re a brand or a retailer, navigating the changes can be hard. Predicting what’s round the corner? Even harder.

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The Creoate Trending Ten: Autumn 2021

in Trends Oct 8, 2021

Here’s an at-a-glance look at our most popular site searches from the last month. You’ll notice a distinctly hygge and unmistakably festive vibe…

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12 Eco-friendly Wholesale Brands

in Trends Oct 8, 2021

So 93% of you told us sustainability is either ‘a focus’ or ‘a big focus’ for your business over the next year. That’s huge! And the number one way you said you’re trying to become more sustainable is by choosing more eco-friendly products. So we thought we’d help you out with that. 

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12 Best Quirky Wholesale Homeware Brands

in Trends Aug 26, 2021

Tired of stocking the same products as the store down the street? We totally get it: when everyone follows similar homeware trends, it can make for an unoriginal shopping experience, and also makes it hard to stand out from the crowd. 

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11 Best Scandi Wholesale Homeware Brands

in Trends Aug 6, 2021

Homeware trends come and go (just take a look at any picture of a living room in the 80s). But the ‘Scandi’ homeware trend does appear to be here to stay. 

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