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15 Independent Brands to Stock This Summer




It's that time of year again! The days are long and the weather is hot. People are outside enjoying the sun and soaking in vitamin D.  To get you excited, we're highlighting a selection of independent brands from our Outdoor Living collection that will prepare you for the hot months ahead.

Top 15 Independent Brands to Stock This Summer

Discover a variety of products for all kinds of summer fun, such as running, dinner parties, hanging out at the beach, exploring a new town, gardening, and more.


1. Blak Outlet


outdoor living creoate blakoutlet


Based in: East Grinstead, UK

Shop Wholesale: BlakOutlet

BlackOutlet is all about Home Decor. They imagine the home as a sanctuary, a breath of fresh air when entering the door. Having collaborated with some partners, their aim is to deliver great quality products, hand-selected and tested to bring happiness, joy, and peace of mind to the places we call home.

When shopping with BlakOutlet, you’ll be contributing to putting a smile on someone’s face in more ways than one. This is because they are committed to donating a portion of their profits to nonprofit organisations that do good for marginalised communities.


2. Jupiter Gear


Jupiter gear


Based in: New York, US

Shop Wholesale: Jupiter Gear

Jupiter Gear adheres to the concept that everyone is an athlete, and this belief influences everything that they do. Their vision is to break the barriers that limit people, encouraging their customers to have a positive self-image, and empowering them to believe that they already are an athlete. They do this by supplying extraordinary fitness products with unwavering standards and an athlete’s eye. Jupiter Gear is here for its customers' health goals, big and small. Thoughtfully developed to deliver on every level, they're bridging public health awareness with fitness by creating products that accelerate progression for everyone.


3. DUA



Based in: Belgium

Shop Wholesale: DUA

DUA curates the best Indonesian handmade bags and home decor for everyone. They are a Belgium-based brand, part of Bright Smile BV company, with international reach. 

DUA means “two” in Bahasa Indonesian, here representing two sides of the world, Indonesia and Europe. Stocking handmade accessories made by local and independent artisans in Bali, Lombok, and Java — DUA wants to show the world the best of what Indonesia has to offer. Its beautifully handwoven bags and baskets, made using natural and locally available materials, are the perfect summer accessories. Each piece is carefully crafted to provide users with a beautiful product, one made with care for the environment, and people, too. 

DUA also partners with local social enterprises such as Du'anyam and Studio Dapur, ensuring their weavers are paid a fair wage for their work.


4. StudioKasha




Based in: Shoreham-by-Sea, UK

Shop Wholesale: StudioKasha

Sustainable and eco-friendly, Studio Kasha is a small art studio based in Shoreham-by-Sea. Crafting beautiful homeware out of jesmonite and concrete, their fresh, clean aesthetic breathes life into the oft-seen monochromatic and greige design trends of the day by injecting subtle brushes of colour to cheer up any shop window. 


5. dodesign




Based in: Copenhagen, Denmark

Shop Wholesale: dodesign

dodesign is a sustainability-focused home textile brand based in Copenhagen. They create unique products using environmental friendly fibre — 100% linen. From kitchen and bathroom textiles to bed linens, all of their designs are inspired by the natural Nordic landscapes and lifestyle.

Why linen? Linen is an ancient fibre made from flax, which doesn’t require rich soil or much water and pesticides. It is biodegradable and capable of lasting for generations if cared for properly. Besides sustainability and waste reduction, linen is very water absorbent, as well as allergen-free and anti-microbial, which makes it easy to take care of. It also has thermo-regulating properties that are capable of improving sleep quality all year round. 


6. BerberLifeShop




Based in: Marrakesh, Morocco

Shop Wholesale: BerberLifeShop

BerberLifeShop shares Moroccan culture with the world through its beautifully crafted handmade products. They support local artisans, and are committed to producing sustainable items by creating a production chain that supports the environment from the beginning, all the way through to the packing process.


7. Soomish




Based in: The National Forest, UK

Shop Wholesale: Soomish

Founded in 2019, Soomish makes small batches of handcrafted candles in the Heart of the National Forest. Born out of a love for all things natural, simple and minimal, this inspiration spurred them to create their own candles with only the best ingredients to bring comfort and relaxation to the masses. Their sustainable candles and reed diffusers are made using only the finest quality natural soy wax, infused with luxury blends of premium fragrance and essential oils.

All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free and contain no additives, dyes, preservatives, phthalates, or petroleum.


8. The Divine Hag


the divine hag


Based in: Scotland, UK

Shop Wholesale: The Divine Hag

Inspired by the pure raw nature of the Scottish countryside, The Divine Hag makes organic aromatherapy products with healing properties that beautifully scent the home. They are a woman-focused company, creating scents for women at every stage of life. Their vegan-friendly room sprays and diffuser oils ease transitions and aid focus.

The various scents aid in relieving symptoms of pregnancy, periods and menopause, as well as helping with daily struggles such as insomnia and difficulty in concentration. All products are hand blended in small batches and provide a healthy and natural alternative to conventional chemical-laden room fragrances.


9. Charlotte manser ceramics

charlotte manser ceramics


Based In: North Berkshire, UK

Shop Wholesale: Charlotte Manser ceramics

We love the earthy, rustic style of Charlotte Manser's ceramics. Based just outside The Cotswolds, she explores the use of clay by throwing functional pieces, for everyday use and hand-building organic sculptures. Her hand-thrown pieces include soap dishes, plates, bowls, mugs, and beakers. Available in small collections of classic shades, Charlotte's pieces are made using unique glazes that make them especially desirable to hold and use. Charlotte's passion to create is driven by the materials found beneath our feet, and all the creative possibilities they offer.


10. Packawin




Based In: Madrid, Spain

Shop Wholesale: Packawin

Packawin was born with an essential objective, to provide a solution to an existing problem on the market: the plastics industry.

Offering 100% compostable, recyclable, and environmentally-friendly products, their priority is to make more people aware of the daily pollution generated by plastic in all its forms.


11. Funky Doris



Funky Doris


Based In: Norway

Shop Wholesale: Funky Doris

Funky Doris is a Norwegian label, launched by Tove Trydal and Grethe Bjørk in 2013.  Funky Doris' design philosophy is simple: they want to surround themselves with charming everyday products of lasting quality.  Inspired by the colours and simple aesthetic of their nordic design history, their style is uncomplicated, warm, and humorous.

They make sure to work with skilled craftspeople, with all their designs made with respect for people and nature.


12. Brickwalls and Barricades


brickwall and barricades


Based In: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Shop Wholesale: Brickwalls and Barricades

Brickwalls and Barricades creates products that appeal to the masses with “just the right prices”. They wanted to create more meaningful and sustainable products, something with soul, something that celebrates people and their individuality… and so Brickwalls and Barricades was born.

All their products are crafted by hand and heart in their own manufactury in Holland. Their team of artisanal crafts (wo)men, proudly merge their unique leathers into timeless one-of-a-kind pieces to last a lifetime.


13. Spell Bound Pantry


spell bound pantry

Based In: United Kingdom

Shop Wholesale: Spell Bound Pantry

UK-based Spell Bound Pantry made delicious jams and chutneys from locally-sourced produce, hand-picked for quality and freshness.

As practising witches, they only put good intentions into the products they make, and include cards to explain the magical properties of the ingredients used in their bewitching creations.


14. Faro Home


faro home


Based In: Sudbury, UK

Shop Wholesale: Faro Home

FARO HOME is the result of the shared passion of two sisters, Farheen and Ozma. Farheen is an entrepreneur with 25 years' experience running companies in the UK. She manages the sales, business strategy, and operations of FARO HOME, sometimes doing 'armchair buying' from Suffolk where she lives with her husband and two sons. Ozma is the creative half of the partnership, and is an alumnus of the Chelsea School of Design and Central St. Martins College, London. She lives between Mumbai and Jaipur, managing the design and manufacturing process, and loves working with local craftsmen.

FARO HOME soft furnishings and textiles are made by artisans in India using the centuries-old techniques of weaving, block printing, and embroidery. With specially curated products coming straight from the source, sales help support local Indian village communities and their crafts. 


15. Bohemia Design


Bohemia Design


Based In: Edinburgh, UK

Shop Wholesale: Bohemia Design

Bohemia Design is a small creative team based in Edinburgh, Scotland working with highly skilled artisans around the globe to produce colourful, design-led fashion and homeware with an authentic soul.

Founded in 2006 by Jenny Lockton, Bohemia was established to work collaboratively with artisan producers, and support meaningful employment and the survival of awe-inspiring traditional crafts. They now partner with weavers of baskets, wood craftsmen, and leather workers in Morocco, as well as traditional hand block printers in India, and weavers and jewellers in Turkey.


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