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VAT Calculator & Reverse VAT Calculator

Here’s one you’ll want to save for later! Use the VAT calculator below to add VAT to a price and find the RRP, or select ‘Remove VAT’ to switch this to a reverse VAT calculator.  The current VAT rate in the UK is 20%.

  • Select 'Add VAT' to add VAT to the price 
  • Select 'Remove VAT' to take VAT off the price



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How do you calculate reverse VAT? 

To calculate the reverse VAT charge, take the VAT rate and divide it by 100 (so 20% VAT becomes 0.2, for example). Then, add 1 to this number, and divide VAT by the total. 

The formula for calculating price before VAT is: Price including VAT / 1.2 = Price without VAT 


How much is VAT in the UK? 

The current VAT rate in the UK is 20%. 


How do you add VAT to a price? 

To add VAT to a price, take the VAT rate and divide it by 100 — so 20% VAT becomes 0.2, for example. Then, add 1 to this number, and times it by the price without VAT. 

The formula adding VAT to the price is: Price without VAT x 1.2 = Price including VAT


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