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11 Best Scandi Wholesale Homeware and Home Accessories Brands

Homeware trends come and go  — just take a look at any picture of a living room in the 80s'  — but it seems the ‘Scandi’ homeware trend is here to stay. 

So, if you’re looking for wholesale Scandi homeware in the UK, wider Europe, the US or Canada, you’re in the right place. CREOATE stocks a wide range of Scandi homeware wholesale from a wide selection of independent brands. Below are some of our favourite Scandi-style brands and products, all of which are available to shop wholesale right here on CREOATE. Let’s dive right in. 

11 Best scandinavian Homeware & Home Accessories Brands:

1. Goscandi


Scandi style is baked right through the Goscandi homeware range (but you guessed that from the name though, right?). 

Based in: UK 

About Goscandi:  ‘Goscandi is a young and ambitious Scandinavian-style brand based in London. We offer a collection of high-quality minimalist home decor and accessories designed in the UK and crafted in Northern Europe. All Goscandi products are made from eco-friendly materials, focusing on sustainability and function as we are trying our best to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. The majority of Goscandi products are crafted by our trusted partners, who only use energy from renewable sources throughout the entire production process. Everything from the OEKO-TEX standard fabrics, to the final product, is mainly made in one single place, adding to the eco-friendly nature of our production process. We collectively make certain that all leftovers are being reused, recycled, or donated to ensure nothing is going to waste. Goscandi is proud to be working with craftsmen who continue the long-lasting traditions of their trade and share our views on the importance of sustainability.’

Shop Goscandi for: Lovely linen tablecloths, napkins, and cushion covers in muted tones. 

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2. Studio Lorier 

Studio Lorier_splash bowlStudio Lorier_vasesStudio Lorier_distort cup


Studio Lorier creates functional, beautiful, and colourful kitchenware that still hits the minimalist mark. 

Based in: The Netherlands

About Studio Lorier: 'Studio Lorier is an online brand that creates unique designs suitable for your daily life. Dutch designer Sander Lorier integrates clever functionality into beautiful products that are fun to use. The designs are carefully handcrafted in the Netherlands, using materials such as ceramics, wood, and copper.’

Shop Studio Lorier for: Vases, plant pots and tableware, including our favourite, the ‘distort cup’, pictured above.

See catalogue and shop:

3. Mucua 


Japanese and Scandinavian design collide to create elegant, minimalist table lamps. 

Based in: UK 

About Mucua: We’re mainly focused on minimalist design with principles originating from Japan, plus a Scandinavian understanding of design and aesthetics, featuring calm colour tones and light-filled spaces.’

Shop Mucua for: Lamps and lampshades.

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NAMUOS was born from a love of aesthetics and a cosy home, with products imbued with simple elegance and functionality for lovers of detail-oriented homeware.

Based in: Lithuania 

About NAMUOS: NAMUOS studio designs and produces home decor accessories from natural and sustainable materials. We are focused on functionality, simply shaped design, as well as natural materials and colours. Each product is created by Lithuanian designers.’

Shop NAMUOS for: Placemats, coat hooks and magazine racks 

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5. Lüks


High-quality, long-lasting, cosy linen homeware, perfect for adding a touch of style and warmth.

Based in: UK

About Lüks: ‘Lüks is a home & lifestyle brand championing ethical, sustainable, and small batch production. Our products are traditionally loomed by master weavers in the textile heartlands of Denizli and Hatay, using locally sourced, non-GMO cotton, wool, and centuries-old craftsmanship. Committed to longevity and minimal living, our collections are a blend of cultural heritage and contemporary design.’

Shop Lüks for: Towels, dressing gowns, blankets and scarves

See catalogue and shop:

6. Yoshiko


Beautifully hand-crafted homeware accessories made from natural materials.

Based in: The Netherlands

About Yoshiko: ‘We’re a brand that cares, values quality, and embraces individuality and imperfection by supporting craftsmen and traditional methods of manufacturing from around the world.’

Shop Yoshiko for: Plant hangers, storage baskets, small rugs

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7. warren and laetitia


Colourful, chic, contemporary homeware accessories with a conscience.

Based in: France

About warren and laetitia: ‘We sell design-conscious 3D printed objects for the home, made with environmentally friendly materials such as polymer —made from recycled water bottles— and bioplastic made from cornstarch. The objects we sell are all printed, manufactured, and shipped from our studio in Paris.’

Shop warren and laetitia for: Lamps, lampshades, candle holders, vases

See catalogue and shop:

8. Tresxics


Organisational and decorative pieces designed to create space for growth and play.

Based in: Spain

About Tresxics: ‘My family's experience of living in a small flat created the need to organise our space in a minimalist, neutral way, almost like a game. This is how our collection of hangers and shelves was born, showing that the functional can also be beautiful and creative, and that everyday objects can bring a smile to your face.’

Shop Tresxics for: Children's bedroom decorations. 

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9. Doyoumindart


Abstract designs and prints with a bold, minimal aesthetic.

Based in: Denmark

About Doyoumindart: Katrine Engman is an artistic and creative soul who comes from a family where art, culture, architecture, psychology and philosophy are eternally present. The vision of Doyoumindart is to give everyone the opportunity to own and appreciate modern art. The combination of handmade work with modern print technology is unique, with all prints being made in very limited runs, numbered and signed for exclusivity.’

Shop Doyoumindart for: Abstract wall art 

See catalogue and shop:

10. Maison Boho


The best of modern home decor with a Mediterranean twist.

Based in: The Netherlands

About Maison Boho: We are surrounded by vibrant cultures and so much richness. Maison Boho takes the best of the world and tries to bring these styles and vibes into our products and into your homes, from East to West, and North to South.

Shop Maison Boho for: Wall decor and cushions

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11. Native Home and Lifestyle


Trend-driven interiors with a timeless, luxurious feel.

Based in: UK

About Native Home and Lifestyle: ‘Native Home & Lifestyle is an industry-known lifestyle brand with over 180 products in its first collection, across various home categories. Each collection has over 10 products, meaning each one can stand alone within a store or event to showcase its beauty and design. Native Home & Lifestyle is stocked by various stores across the globe. We have over 300 active stockists to date.’

Shop Native Home and Lifestyle for: Mirrors, jute rugs, hanging planters 

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