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Autumn Aesthetics: 7 Trends for Autumn 2024


Whether you choose to follow trends or set your own, the first step is understanding what's tipped to be popular for the season ahead.

From cosy home decor, to emerging fashion trends, and the excitement of back-to-school shopping, there's plenty to prepare for when stocking up for autumn — and we're here to help. From rich colours, to bold patterns and bows, let’s dive into your personal guide to autumn 2024’s key fashion and homeware trends.


Fashion trends 

Bold colours, prints & statement jewellery 

While fashion has always been a way to express yourself, there has been a recent rise in popularity of personalised style. One of the best ways to allow your customers to create their own unique look from the pieces in your store are bold colours, prints, and statement jewellery.

From an asymmetrical neckline, to a flash of animal print, or statement jewellery, pieces that give your customers a way to put their own spin on their look are key. Having items like these stocked for autumn is a must!

Sustainable basics

Keeping basics stocked has always been important, and it’s now equally as important for these basics to be ethically sourced.

Even luxury brands are returning to what they call ‘real fashion’, steering away from runway pieces and leaning into everyday wear: high quality investment pieces that can be reworn and restyled again and again. A classic white shirt, a trusted pair of jeans, and a well-cut black top are all examples of pieces that are going to take up space in your customers' wardrobes for years to come.

Layered looks

Layering is a transitional season essential; but it's no longer a purely practical choice.

This autumn, another main fashion focus will be combining classically chic layering with an outdoorsy vibe, combining pieces that are both trendy and practical.

Puffer jackets and trench coats are coming back, the perfect layers for a colder day. Some other popular pieces include blazers, an oversized bat sleeve sweater, and a plain long sleeve (bonus points for a mock neck or turtleneck), creating an effortless yet sensible look.  

Vintage revival

While vintage has long been on the rise, this autumn we’ll be seeing a focus specifically on vintage revival: reworked vintage pieces, or new products putting their own spin on fashion trends of the past.

Expect more knit looks, reworked denim, mid-length skirts and dresses, and funky colour combinations. The combination of classic styles and new trends has produced some seriously cool pieces, playing around with colour schemes, lengths, and prints.

The trend of vintage revival checks a lot of the boxes for upcoming autumn trends: pieces with loud colours, classic silhouettes, and sustainable, reworked pieces. 

Back to bows

Popular with the younger generations, bows will be a huge part of back-to-school looks, whether that's hair bows, bow jewellery, or bows on clothing.

This playful accessory adds a touch of charm to any back-to-school outfit, and we’re expecting to see a lot of it. Bows are going to continue to be a versatile and beloved staple into autumn, with various fabrics, sizes, and styles, from oversized satin hair bows to delicate ribbon accents.


Home trends

Cosy minimalism

Simple and cosy are the keywords for homeware this autumn. Using rich colour palettes to invite the warmth in is going to be something we’re seeing a lot of as the seasons change. Deep blues, warm oranges, and rich reds will be extremely popular, capturing the changing colours of nature, all within the comfort of your home. This cosy minimalism can be achieved through the sparing use of throw pillows and blankets, keeping it welcoming and warm without becoming overwhelming and cluttered.

Natural elements

This autumn, the outdoors are ‘in’. Just like cosy minimalism with the focus on autumn colouring, this season is all about natural looking decor, with customers looking to bring the tranquillity and beauty of the natural world into their homes.

Whether we're shopping for picture frames, side tables, or other decorative items, expect more natural elements like wood, stone, and plants, emphasising earthy tones and organic materials in our decor choices.


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