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6 Eco-Friendly Hero Products to Stock in Your Store



We all love options. A well-stocked, varied product catalogue is what we (and our community of retailers) love to see! However, there’s definitely something to be said for having at least one or two especially strong products. We’re talking brand-defining stuff here. Best-sellers. The kind of products that trusted friends or family recommend to you, as the gateway to a catalogue of trusty picks you and your customers can fall in love with. In industry terms, these magic money-makers are known as Hero Products.

Hero products are the kind that, if you had to choose one to represent a brand — its strengths, its core values — this would be the obvious choice, the one that encompasses it all. So, we figured what better way to get CREOATE buyers to try out new brands, than to show them the best they have to offer. So, read on for some top-tier product and brand recommendations, available to shop wholesale on CREOATE today.

Fruu lip balms


FRUU.. is known for its fresh and fruity lip balms. Cruelty-free, vegan, and PETA-certified, FRUU..’s lip care products are available in a range of fun flavours. Their small-batch moisturising lip balms are made using natural ingredients extracted from more than 15 different types of nutrient-bursting fruits, and all crafted from their UK-based workshop. Most ingredients used are by-products of fruit waste, saving them from landfill and upcycling them into a different kind of treat for the lips. 

Not only is this sustainable, but it’s socially responsible, as it generates vital revenue for small businesses and fruit farmers. Come for the lip balms, and stay for the rest of FRUU’s innovative range, including their coloured lip tints, deodorant balms, hand creams, solid shower bars, tea blends and luscious scented candles for a hit of refreshing fruity goodness in every category you stock.

Maegen taper candles


Introducing MÆGEN (say it with us: may - en) a Home Fragrance and Accessories brand. ‘But what do they do best?’, we hear you ask? The answer is simple. Their glossy, spiral taper candles made from 100% sustainable soy wax, would be our answer. These stunning specimens are available in a whole rainbow of colours, and hand-poured with precision in the UK.

Stylish and refined, Maegen’s stunning taper candles are just the tip, or should we say the wick? They’re just one area of the many beautifully functional products Maegen has to offer. They’ll look beautiful displayed in the brand’s quirky candle stick holders, or alongside the brand’s incense paired with their modern glass incense holders, giftable matches, and refreshing room sprays. For a home fragrance and lifestyle brand that encompasses some of the best in British design, Maegen ticks all the boxes.

Scrubber natural deodorant

Stinky pits and dirty hair don’t care, but luckily natural and ethical hygiene brand Scrubber does. Best known for their eco-friendly deodorant sticks with options for normal to sensitive skin types, Scrubber also stocks dry shampoo in a similarly groovy range of fruity and musky scent options.

One thing we absolutely love about Scrubber is their retro-inspired 70s branding. Their products are sure to stand out on shelves alongside less stylised beauty, wellbeing and hygiene products. You can shop Scrubber’s natural deodorants and more on CREOATE. Just starting out and want to see how they go down with your customers? We recommend their Natural Deodorant Starter Bundle, or their All Products Bundle to try out everything Scrubber has to offer.

Upcircle caffeinated duo & coffee scrub


Upcircle is one of those rare beauty brands that has managed to curate such an iconic selection of cosmetics and skincare products that it was difficult to choose just one. However, given their story started with giving coffee grounds a new lease of life, we figured we couldn’t go without shouting out their iconic, multi-award winning facial coffee scrub. Equally popular, their best-selling caffeinated duo, consisting of their brightening facial serum featuring repurposed coffee extract, as well as their certified plastic-free rejuvenating eye cream, also featuring repurposed coffee extract alongside upcycled maple.

Upcircle is a brand with an amazing ethos, championing sustainability through its upcycling of residual by-products from food and drink production. Extremely informative and transparent about the ingredients in their products, you’ll find a range of natural ingredients across their whole range that do amazing things for both skin and hair. We absolutely love what they do, and if you’re a lover of sustainable skincare, we think you will, too.

Eco Egg laundry egg


The clue’s in the name, with Eco Egg’s titular product having simplified laundry for the better since it hatched onto the scene in 2014. Initially designed as a container for a detergent friendlier on sensitive skin, the container itself has come to outshine the very thing it was designed to hold. Of course, we’d definitely recommend stocking both so your customers can experience the multi-award-winning Eco Egg the way it was designed to be used.

All about reducing plastic through its eco-friendly ethos, you’ll find that not only is the Eco Egg product packaging and concept itself designed to reduce plastic use — say no thanks to all those plastic laundry bottles, bye-bye single use plastic! — but the rest of their range is, too. Their reusable bamboo towels offer a sustainable alternative to kitchen roll for small spills and day-to-day messes, and their detergent refills are designed to last for months, making them more cost-effective than your usual supermarket laundry detergents.

Kept for Life reusable water bottles


Last but most certainly not least are Kept for Life’s reusable water bottles. The brand's luxury aesthetic, combined with its focus on sustainability has helped it gather a loyal following among eco-conscious customers. As a natural progression of their speciality for reusable containers, their range has branched out to see the release of reusable food containers and carry cups.

To get a feel for what they do best and try Kept's stunning water bottles in your store, we'd recommend stocking up on their starter bottle bundle on CREOATE today.

Hero products to the rescue!

Hopefully these hero products have given you some inspiration to supercharge your next stock-up. As these brands have all demonstrated, sustainability doesn't have to be bland and colourless. There's so much innovation going on in this space, and where relevant, we recommend you try all of these products, all available to shop on CREOATE at the click of a button. For more eco-friendly inventory inspiration, be sure to check out our Sustainable Homeware Collection, our Eco-Friendly Beauty Collection, and our Zero-Waste range.

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