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From Body Care to Brewing Coffee & The Joy of Expanding Overseas, with Reborn Lifestyle

Reborn Lifestyle is something of a 'multi-hyphen' business, with a body care product range, gallery space, and a café. We caught up with founders Fabiano and Neven to hear about how the different parts of their business strengthen each other, the joy of expanding overseas, and coming together over a shared passion for natural body care. 

Hi Fabiano and Neven! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your brand, Reborn Lifestyle, and how it came to be?

Reborn Lifestyle is the result of a chance encounter between us: Fabiano from Trentino, Italy, and Neven from Hong Kong. Despite our different personalities, we bonded over a shared passion for natural body care and a desire to reduce chemical detergents from our everyday lives. Our friendship grew over discussions about sustainable living and the importance of eco-friendly products. In 2018, we officially founded Reborn, focusing on artisan soap, bath salts, solid lotions, balms, and soy wax candles.
In 2019, after doing extensive research and experimentation and after renovating a commercial property suitable for production, our products were ready to hit the market.
With Neven's experience in the luxury cosmetic industry and Fabiano's background in hospitality and retail, we combined our skills and knowledge to create a brand that promotes conscious consumerism and offers high-quality, natural products. Our journey is driven by a commitment to sustainability and a belief that we can make a positive impact on people's lives and the environment.

I know you place a lot of importance on ethically manufacturing Reborn Lifestyle’s products. What does that look like in practice? 

In practice, this means sourcing the finest quality ingredients, with a focus on organic and sustainable options whenever possible. Our products are handcrafted in small batches, allowing us to maintain the highest level of quality control and ensure attention to detail at every step.
We follow strict manufacturing processes, including the traditional cold process method for our soaps, which involves carefully blending oils and butters like Shea and cocoa. Each batch undergoes a curing process of over 6 weeks, ensuring the final product is safe, gentle, and long-lasting.
Additionally, we prioritise eco-friendly packaging, using recyclable materials, and minimising waste wherever we can. We also support fair trade practices and work closely with local suppliers and artisans who share our commitment to ethical sourcing.

Tell me about your wider business. I can see you have a café and also collaborate with local artists in that space. What does a typical day look like for you? 

At Reborn Lifestyle, we have established a successful business that encompasses both our passion for natural body care and the welcoming ambiance of our café. Neven primarily focuses on the production of our handcrafted products, while Fabiano runs the café operations. Together, we create a harmonious blend of quality body care and a vibrant café experience.
Additionally, our wider business extends beyond body care. Reborn Café galashiels serves as a collaborative space for over 50 local artists and crafters, showcasing and selling their unique creations. We also provide a platform for community events and workshops, fostering connections and supporting the artistic community.
In summary, at Reborn Lifestyle, our typical day involves crafting exceptional body care products, operating a vibrant café, and creating a welcoming space for artists and the community. We are dedicated to upholding ethical manufacturing practices and promoting local talent, all while providing our customers with the best possible products and experiences.

How do the different parts of your business strengthen each other? Do you find some things do better at certain times of the year?

The café and retail space at Reborn Lifestyle play a pivotal role in strengthening our business. They provide us with a dedicated showroom and flagship store where customers can experience our handcrafted body care products first hand. Additionally, these spaces serve as platforms for organizing engaging events and workshops, allowing us to share our knowledge and teach people about candle making and other artisanal techniques.
However, it can sometimes be challenging to allocate resources between the café and body care sides of the business. Both aspects require attention and investment, and striking the right balance is crucial. Nonetheless, this duality allows us to diversify our revenue streams and create a holistic experience for our customers, where they can enjoy not only our exceptional body care products but also a welcoming café atmosphere.
Overall, the synergy between the café and body care aspects of Reborn Lifestyle strengthens our brand identity, fosters customer engagement, and allows us to provide a unique and enriching experience for all who visit us.

When did you take the decision to start selling your products wholesale, and how has CREOATE helped your business to grow?

We made the decision to start selling our products on CREOATE in the spring of 2020, and it has been a game-changer for our wholesale operations. Through CREOATE, we gained valuable insights and experience in selling wholesale, which opened up new opportunities for our business.
One of the key benefits of joining CREOATE was the ability to connect with a wide range of customers, including those from overseas markets. This expanded our reach and allowed us to tap into new customer segments that we wouldn't have been able to reach on our own. The platform provided us with a global network of retailers actively seeking unique and artisanal body care products.
CREOATE also offered excellent facilities that supported our wholesale journey. The option to offer extended payment terms of up to 60 days allowed us to work with retailers while managing our cash flow effectively. Additionally, their shipping facilities made the process seamless, ensuring smooth order fulfilment and timely delivery to our retail partners.

Tell me about some of your stand out moments from running Reborn Lifestyle.

Throughout our journey of running Reborn Lifestyle, there have been several standout moments that have made our experience truly memorable. One of these moments is the continuous expansion of our product range. From our initial focus on traditional cold process soap, we have successfully introduced new offerings such as multipurpose balms, bath salts, candles, and a dedicated line of men's grooming products. Each expansion has allowed us to cater to a wider audience and meet diverse customer needs.
Another remarkable aspect of our journey has been the loyalty and support of our repeat wholesale customers. Building strong relationships with retailers who consistently choose to stock our products has been incredibly rewarding. It is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our natural body care creations.
We have also experienced the joy of receiving orders from customers overseas, spanning various locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, and Canada. Knowing that our products have reached customers around the globe and are appreciated for their quality and effectiveness is a true highlight for us.
We're also proud to still be operating in an extremely challenging business environment, with very unpredictable fluctuating costs and a fairly low confidence in local consumer spending.  

What’s the thing you’re most excited for in Reborn Lifestyle’s future?

We are most excited about two key aspects of the future of Reborn Lifestyle. Firstly, the opportunity to reach more customers overseas, particularly in North America and Asia, through platforms like CREOATE. This will allow us to expand our global presence and share our natural body care products with a wider audience.
Secondly, we look forward to introducing a new and attractive range of products that are perfect for tourists, souvenir-gift shops, and consumers abroad. Our focus on luxury, sustainability, and natural beauty will continue to inspire our creations and offer unique experiences to our customers.
Thanks so much for telling us more about Reborn Lifestyle, Fabiano and Neven! You can shop Reborn Lifestyle's gorgeous artisan body care products wholesale on CREOATE, and follow Reborn Lifestyle on Instagram @rebornlifestyleuk to keep up with their journey.
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