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Focus on Local: A Small Business Shopping Guide to Shoreditch


While incredible independent businesses can be found all over London, in this guide we're focusing on one of the trendiest areas in East: Shoreditch. Adjacent to its equally hip counterpart, Hoxton, Shoreditch is known for its buzzing creative scene full of eclectic eateries and trendy bars, coffee shops, and more. It's a must-see for its independent shopping scene, full to the brim with unique concepts, treasure troves of second-hand clothes, homeware, and more.

So, watch our reel and join us as we unspool the streets of Shoreditch's small business landscape. 



1. Luna and Curious


In the heart of Shoreditch, Luna & Curious is more than a shop – it's an indie retail oasis curated by creatives Polly George, Kaoru Parry, and Rheanna Lingham. This miniature department store offers a blend of British-made treasures, from fashion to homeware and beyond.

Situated on Calvert Avenue in the historic Boundary Estate, Luna & Curious invites you to explore a world where creativity meets commerce. Discover exclusive products from the trio's brands, crafted with a dedication to British design. Luna & Curious isn't just about shopping; it's a celebration of craftsmanship, tradition, and the unique narratives behind each item.

2. AIDA Shoreditch


Founded in 2012 by four visionary sisters, AIDA is a celebration of family, community, and connection. Showcasing an exclusive array of independent brands, AIDA's shop floor is a vibrant platform for passions and talents. Nestled in East London, this style haven and coffee shop offers more than fashion and homewares – it's a place to meet, relax, and savour the moment.

3. The Journal Shop


Softly lit arches, Japandi-inspired design, and a trove of pens and notebooks await in this particular Box Park unit. The Journal Shop is a calming haven featuring Terrazzo floors and Scandi wood. Dive into a curated collection of stationery and paper goods from around the globe, inspired by a love for Japanese craftsmanship. 

5. Labour and Wait


Established in 2000 in East London's vibrant market district, Labour and Wait brings an ever-evolving range of functional, quality products. Their ethos? A simple, honest approach to design, celebrating utility in everything they offer – from hardware to clothing.

Inspired by owners Rachel Wythe-Moran and Simon Watkins, both designers with menswear backgrounds, Labour and Wait was born out of a desire for timeless, well-designed essentials. Tired of seasonal trends overshadowing product integrity, they envisioned a haven where functionality and quality reign supreme.

6. House of Vintage


Since 2010, House of Vintage's London stores in Shoreditch and Broadway Market have been treasure troves of carefully curated Menswear and Womenswear spanning the 1920s to the 1980s. With a keen eye for the rare and unique, House of Vintage invites customers to explore an era-defying collection that's both timeless and distinctive. 

7. Dark Sugars


Experience Nyanga's passion for cocoa at Dark Sugars – from Spitalfields to Borough Market and beyond. Transport yourself to West Africa with the aroma of roasting cocoa beans, swirling mango slices, and the rich indulgence of Pitch Black Hot Chocolate. It's not just chocolate; it's an immersive celebration of a vibrant culture. Savour quality chocolate with a touch of West African passion at Dark Sugars.

8. Brick Lane Bookshop


Originally part of The Tower Hamlets Arts Project in the 1970s, Brick Lane Bookshop emerged from a community-driven protest. Today, Brick Lane Bookshop thrives, offering Fiction, Non-fiction, London Books, Children’s Books, Poetry, Essays, Feminism, Travel, Classics, Philosophy, Cards, Tote bags, and more. Open every day, their booksellers are eager to share recommendations and can order most UK-printed books within two working days.

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