World Bee Day: 5 Independent Brands Creating a Buzz

in Store Spotlight, Creoate May 20, 2022

Bees are the unsung heroes of our ecosystems. Yet, in spite of that, there has been a massive decline in their numbers since the end of WW2, and we have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows.

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When to Take the Leap, with Harriet Rouse

in Store Spotlight Nov 12, 2021

Stroll down King Street, in St Helier, Jersey and you’ll find — opposite the little Boots — Harriet & Rose, a store dedicated to ‘thoughtful gifting in Jersey’. It’s a beautiful store and, in keeping with its USP, it’s a well-thought out one. There’s room to manoeuvre a buggy, dogs are welcome, and stock is, wherever possible, sourced from Jersey — ‘if we can source it in Jersey we will, but if we can’t we’ll get it here for you.’

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Store Spotlight: Bros with Hoes Plant Co

in Store Spotlight Oct 22, 2021

The hashtag #plantsofinstagram has over 12 million hits on Instagram. We have slowly but surely become obsessed with bringing the outside in, and Florida-based company Bros with Hoes Plant Co is primed and ready to help you achieve just that.

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Store Spotlight: Lola & Wild

in Store Spotlight Oct 15, 2021

Kirsty first came up with the idea for Lola & Wild — an online store specialising in plastic-free, sustainable and ethical products — a few years ago. Prior to launching the business in March 2020, she spent a year refining her vision and researching products — no easy task given her strict sustainability criteria.

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Store Spotlight: mlkwood store

in Store Spotlight Aug 27, 2021

mlkwood store may be one of the prettiest stores we’ve seen in a while, but it has faced its fair share of challenges over the last year: lack of passing footfall, and a few major UK lockdowns, to name a couple. We caught up with Lauren, one of the owners of mlkwood store, to hear all about how they’ve pivoted and adapted their business, and why mlkwood is going stronger now than ever before.

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Store Spotlight: Good Grief Gift Co.

in Store Spotlight Aug 13, 2021

The gift industry is predicted to be worth $68.45 billion by 2024. When it comes to picking out the perfect birthday present, we’re spoilt for choice. But when it comes to choosing something caring for a grieving friend, or family member? Things become a lot trickier. 

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Store Spotlight: Bear Bookshop

in Store Spotlight Jun 11, 2021

Launching a retail store is always a leap of faith. But launching a retail store in the middle of a global pandemic? Well that’s a new kind of gutsy. 

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