We Started a Podcast!

in News, Creoate Mar 30, 2022

The CREOATE community is growing quickly! We have the pleasure of speaking to so many of you on a daily basis, so we know just how many great stories — and how much stellar business advice — lies right here within our virtual four walls. 

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How to Optimise Your CREOATE Store

in Selling Wholesale Mar 24, 2022

CREOATE was built to help independent businesses thrive. 

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Key Insights from Our Trends in Retail Discussion

in Trends Mar 15, 2022

Trends come and go, but your store’s identity and personality never fades. A tricky balance between wanting to keep up to date with what’s in style within the industry, in terms of customer service, products, and technology, but also stay true to the core of your business, trends have been a topic of conversation as long as retail has excited. So while we have questions, we also have answers. 

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New In: Meet 6 New Female-Founded Brands

in Meet the Maker Mar 9, 2022

At CREOATE, we are lucky to have a community full of entrepreneurial and brilliant women. This month’s new in roundup is dedicated to championing some of the new female-founded brands to recently start selling through CREOATE.

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Meet the Maker: Laura Nicholson of Love the Planet

in Meet the Maker, cosmetics Mar 3, 2022

Frustrated with the amount of cotton wool she had to use to remove her makeup, Laura wanted a solution that didn’t waste heaps of material to remove face and eye cosmetics. After a series of experiments with different fabrics in her kitchen, she invented the brand’s signature washable cleansing cloths, known as Eco Pads. 

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Female Founders That Inspire Us

in Growing a Business, female, entrepreneuer, founders Feb 17, 2022

According to a study from Guidant Financial, 27% of small businesses are female founded — and this number is only growing. Not surprisingly, 26% of these were started with the goal of pursuing a passion, retail and ecommerce being the leading segment among them, whether the focus is on beauty, health, or fitness. Taking a look at some of the world’s leading female founders, today we’re highlighting those who have crafted an empire out of a...

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New In: Meet 6 of Our New February Brands

in Meet the Maker Feb 4, 2022

Image: Abel Burners

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5 Lessons from our Retailers’ Roundtable

in Growing a Business, customer service, digital, branding, Creoate Jan 28, 2022

In the past two years, window shopping has transformed to window scrolling — and then back again. With an ever-changing pandemic and discovery of optimised digital retail tools, businesses, local boutiques and Fortune 500’s alike, have turned to the web to provide online solutions to browsing through racks of clothing, shelves of books, and tables of other merchandise. 

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Sparking Self-Care: The Rise of Healing Crystals

in Trends, healing, crystals Jan 26, 2022

The crystal ball has spoken: mysticism has gone mainstream. From tarot cards to zodiac guides, the past year has seen an influx of interest in products that align the wellness craze with a higher power. And the crown jewel (so to speak) of the whole movement? Crystals. 

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CREOATE turns two

in News Jan 21, 2022

While CREOATE first started life as a retail store, the CREOATE we know and love today was formed in January 2020, when we onboarded our first brands and manually uploaded their first products. 

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