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11 Ongoing Checks & Changes to Make to Your CREOATE Store


So you’ve set up your CREOATE store, optimised it, and now your products are live for the retail world to see.

But getting your store set up on CREOATE is only the first step. There are plenty of ongoing checks, refreshes, and updates you should be building into your routine to give your store the best shot at getting plenty of orders.

📢 Important note: If we see you haven’t logged in to your CREOATE account for over 30 days, we may temporarily switch off your CREOATE store. This is to prevent orders being cancelled because brands are inactive, on holiday, or no longer wish to sell. It’s easy to switch your store live again when you’re ready by reaching out to our team over live chat.


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Every 1-3 days: Essential housekeeping

Build these quick shop checks into your week to give your buyers the best experience. 

1. Make sure your inventory levels are up to date

The number one cause of cancellations on CREOATE is items being out of stock. This makes for a really disappointing experience for retailers. So much so that if you cancel a retailer’s first order with you, it’s much less likely they’ll come back to shop from your brand. 

Regularly updating your inventory levels prevents this from happening. If you’re getting very regular orders across different platforms, or have a limited amount of stock, we recommend quickly checking in on this daily. Otherwise, every few days should be enough.

💡Did you know? Cancellations and modifications are also one of the factors that influence our brand ranking. Brands who cancel or modify fewer orders rank higher because they’re offering their stockists a more seamless buying experience. 

2. Double check orders and messages

You’ll be sent an automated email whenever you receive an order or a message on CREOATE, but checking on these while you’re already in your dashboard helps make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

💡Did you know? Brands with a ‘Last Active’ badge of under six days get more orders than those who are less active.  


Weekly-monthly: Optimisations & campaigns

Carve out regular time to review your store’s analytics, upload new products, and send campaigns.

1. Add your new items

If you’ve added new products to your collection, make sure you get them on your CREOATE store! Not only does this give visitors to your store a broader range of products to pick from, adding new stock also means that your store may be included in our weekly automated email to the people who follow it. 

2. Tag some new bestsellers

How long have your tagged bestsellers been your tagged bestsellers? Are there any newly trending products you could put here instead?

3. Review your analytics 

Head to the Insights tab of your dashboard to take a peek at how many times your products have been viewed. We recommend taking a note of this figure regularly (weekly or monthly) so you can track how your product views have changed over time. 

You can also see your top viewed products here. Has this changed from the past week or month, and if so, why? Did you improve the description, or change the primary image? How can you replicate this success for other products?

If you notice a product that's currently in your top three for views, but isn't being included in orders, it's worth honing in on how you can optimise this product. It might be a case of making the product description better and more informative (is it leaving questions unanswered?) or simply running a short term offer. You can include a note at the top of the product description of when you'll be ending the offer to add some urgency, and encourage people to purchase sooner rather than later.

Similarly, if you notice one of your most popular products isn't in the top three, explore how you can get more people to click on it. Tagging it as a bestseller helps if people are already on your store, but otherwise it's worth making sure you've uploaded it according to our product best practices (to help it appear higher within its relevant product category), and experimenting with a new primary image (we generally find lifestyle ones work best here). 

📚 Bookmark for later: Best practices for getting your products found on CREOATE

4. Message your followers & customers

Did you know you can send email campaigns to your CREOATE followers and customers from your CREOATE store dashboard? This is the perfect way to shout about your new products, or announce that you’re running a short term discount. 

To learn how to send a campaign to your followers and customers, take a look at our guide to turning your followers into stockists. You can send a campaign to both once every 15 days, so make it count! 

5. Look out for CREOATE updates

From time to time we’ll get in touch to share information we think you’ll find useful, including guides like this one, and new features or updates. We want to help you get the most out of CREOATE, and keeping up with these updates will help you achieve that. 


Seasonally: Clear out & refresh

Clear out old stock and optimise your store for the new season.

1. Add a discount 

Need to clear out some of last season’s stock? Run a sale to help clear the way for the season ahead. You can either add a discount at a product level (by editing the settings of the product itself), or you can temporarily add a storewide offer for maximum impact.

To run a storewide discount, go to Settings → Store and check ‘Enable storewide discount’. From there, you can select the percentage discount, and a new minimum order value if you want this to be different from your regular one.  

2. Switch up your banner image 

Does your banner image reflect the new season? If you’re a fashion brand approaching September, whip out the chunky knitwear pictures. If you’re a card brand coming up to October, get some Christmas cards front and centre.  

3. Create some new bundles

Pull together new season stock into  a selection of fresh bundles

Bundles are there to help stockists get started with your brand with a selection of products that look and work great together. So make sure you have bundles ready to reflect the upcoming seasons. 

4. Review your products’ categories

When your products are in the most specific suitable subcategory, they get the maximum exposure. 

We’re always adding more product categories and subcategories to help CREOATE customers find what they’re looking for quickly. Take the opportunity to have a quick look through which product category you have selected for your products, and update this to a more specific subcategory if one has been created.


We’re here to help

Never consider your CREOATE store to be finished! Alongside essential continuous checks on stock levels and available products, look to optimise your store for the season, and also according to new CREOATE updates, and what you’ve noticed from your own analytics. 

But as always, you’re not on your own; we’re here to equip you with the knowledge to make your store the best it can be. Take a look at our seller FAQs, or supportive guides on selling wholesale for more tips and advice. 

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