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We Started a Podcast!

The CREOATE community is growing quickly! We have the pleasure of speaking to so many of you on a daily basis, so we know just how many great stories — and how much stellar business advice — lies right here within our virtual four walls. 

And now we want the world to know, too. That’s why we’ve stamped our name on a little piece of pod space, and launched our own podcast: B2B Ecommerce World

But before we open the floor more widely, we wanted to share more about the CREOATE story. Hear from our founder Ashley as she discusses how CREOATE came to be, where it’s going next, and what she’s learned from launching and running a global marketplace.


A sneak preview

‘Prior to launching our online marketplace, I owned my own retail store based in Covent Garden, in central London. My idea for this store actually came about from my previous role, which was working with large retail customers. The idea for the store was that it was purely stocking small, independent suppliers, so focused on sustainability, and sourcing local. And what I learned from that experience is not only the challenges that a small retailer faces, but also the challenges the suppliers I worked with face in terms of getting their products into the retailers’ hands, finding the right partners to work with. Small businesses were quite disadvantaged because of the way the industry operates today. It’s very expensive to get started.’ 

‘Myself and my co-founder Fahad were really involved from the beginning and we understand that it’s not simply about having an online marketplace to showcase the products. A lot of the extra tools and the way we think about time saving, which is so important to a small business owner — you’re not just doing one job, you’re doing ten jobs at one time, from the financing to the record keeping. We’ve tried to build many of these as additional features within the platform to help save people time. And that came from our own personal experience of being there, and moving the boxes around ourselves’.

Give it a listen and let us know what you’d like to hear next!

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