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Trending Fashion and Beauty Products for 2022



Looking for more up-to-date trend pieces and predictions? Why not take a look at our round-up of fashion and lifestyle trends for 2024?

As 2021 draws to a close, we’re turning our attention to the new year and, more specifically, to one important question; what’s hot for 2022?

We’re leaning on cold hard data (courtesy of trend-spotting site, Exploding Topics), to help us to help you predict the biggest trends and future best-sellers in fashion and beauty. 

From oodies to acids, there’s a lot to get through, so let’s dive straight in. 


1. Oodies 

Oodies are oversized ‘wearable blankets’. Levelling up the comfort levels of a standard hoodie, it’s no wonder these have exploded in popularity along with the rise of winter working from home (especially when ‘home’ is a drafty, Victorian, north London flat… just us?). If you can’t stock the original Oodie, definitely take inspiration from the demand for comfy, warm clothes

2. Cow print

Step aside, leopards: there’s a new print in town. Singer Dua Lipa is credited with the newfound popularity of the so-called ‘#Ranchcore’ following her Wild West wardrobe for the ‘Love Again’ music video. Like it or loathe it, cow print has exploded in popularity; it currently gets 110,000 searches a month — that’s 855% up on 2017.  

3. Period underwear

Period underwear is underwear which can be worn instead of sanitary products, like tampons, pads and moon cups. 

Rather than exploding in popularity, interest has been climbing steadily (but rapidly) over the last five years. While the first ‘trailblazing’ period pants came from specialised brands (such as Modibodi and Thinx), bigger retailers — including M&S, Primark and Uniqlo — have now brought out their own versions.

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4. Mom jeans 

Mom jeans kicked skinny jeans to the curb many years ago, and the looser-fitting, high-waisted, retro style seems to be here to stay. 301,000 people search this term every single month — that’s more than double the number who were searching in 2017. Despite some seasonal dips here and there, it seems this style is a firm favourite

5. Overshirt 

An overshirt is a shirt you wear over your… shirt? Top? Jumper? It’s the men’s version of the female ‘shacket’ which, frankly, we think is a much more original name. The perfect transitional piece, overshirt only has 4,400 searches a month currently but this is climbing quickly. 



1. Niacinamide 

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3. While it’s found in many foods and available as a dietary supplement, it’s also an increasingly popular skincare ingredient due to its effectiveness at targeting breakouts. Normally found in serums, this is one skincare ingredient to keep on your radar. 

2. Azelaic acid 

Where gritty ‘physical exfoliants’ were once all the rage, topical acids are now much more popular. Rather than scrubbing off your dead skin, the exfoliating acids break down the bonds connecting the layers of dead skin to living skin. Full disclaimer, we’re not scientists (can you tell?), but that’s essentially the long and short of it. 

Anyway, back to azelaic acid. Produced by yeast which naturally occurs on the skin, it has a huge range of skin benefits, and is recommended for acne sufferers. 

3. Scalp scrub

We may be done scrubbing our faces but don’t worry, there’s a new area to exfoliate: scalps! Take care of your scalp skin and you’ll enjoy healthier, more voluminous hair, and there are a whole lot of products out there ready for the job. 

4. Vitamin C serum  

Back to serums (there are quite a few coming up, so brace yourself). We’ve long known that consuming Vitamin C boosts your immune system, but now we’re starting to fully appreciate what it can do for your face. Brightening, hydrating, skin tone evening… It’s something of a miracle ingredient — and 90,500 people a month are curious to find out about it.  

5. Retinol serum 

Moving swiftly on to serum number two. Retinol is a form of vitamin A which encourages natural collagen production, making it a firm anti-ageing favourite (or should we say a firming anti-ageing favourite…). A little retinol goes a long way though, and it’s important to not use too much of it (or too strong a formulation), especially on younger or sensitive skin. If you’re planning to stock retinol products (and with 925% growth since 2017, it’s a smart move), take some time to read up on the usage advice from the supplier so you’re clued up if a customer asks.

6. Peptide serum

Peptides are amino acids but, unlike the acids we spoke of above, this type of acid isn’t an exfoliant — rather it’s used for plumping up tired or dehydrated skin. Think of it as a way to ‘pep’ your skin up. 

Peptides normally come in a serum (which is preferable as it allows the peptides to sink deeper into the skin), or a moisturiser. Peptide serum has a relatively modest search volume of 2,900 per month, but this has been climbing steadily over the past few years. 

7. Snail mucin

Yep, you read that right. Snail mucin, a.k.a snail slime, is relatively new on the skincare scene, but one which comes with a whole host of skincare benefits, the main two being its moisturising properties, and the fact it stimulates collagen production (for plumper skin). 

8. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is another non-exfoliating acid, and it’s a little hydrating miracle; in fact, it can hold up to 1,000 times its molecular weight in water. That’s a whole lotta hydration! 

And while the word ‘acid’ doesn’t always carry gentle connotations, this one’s generally suitable for even sensitive skin types.

9. Exfoliating gloves 

Onto our third and final exfoliation method: gloves! Now exfoliating gloves have been around for a while, so they’re maybe not trending as fast as the other products above, but they’ve still got a steady stream of interest (not to mention a rather unexplained spike in popularity early this year).  

Final thoughts

And there concludes our roundup of all things trending beauty and fashion right now. Don’t forget to take a look at The Creoate Trending Ten for Autumn to see what others have been searching for right here on Creoate.

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