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New In: Meet 7 of Our New January Brands

Image: Lady Falcon Coffee Club

Did you know, around 100 fresh brands apply to join Creoate every single week?

Well today we wanted to give a shout out to seven of our newest additions of the year so far: from craft honey to mindful macrame, sweary cards to nature art. 

1. BeeHype 

Based in: UK

Shop wholesale: BeeHype 

Sure, you’ve tasted honey — but have you ever tasted honey? Passionate about bringing the true flavour of raw honey to the market, entrepreneurs Stela and Mo — who both grew up with access to honey ‘straight from the hive’ — launched craft honey brand, BeeHype.

Perfect for porridge season, the BeeHype Trustpilot page is awash with glowing reviews from sticky-spooned customers, with some finishing a jar in as little as two days — and swiftly placing an order for more. Look out in particular for their Lavish Lavender honey, which received a highly-coveted Great Taste award in 2020, and seems to be a firm favourite among BeeHype’s many fans. 


2. Peak House Aromas

Based in: UK

Shop wholesale: Peak House Aromas 

The pandemic saw the market for home fragrances — including scented candles, wax melts, reed diffusers and room sprays — skyrocket, as we all upped the homeliness of our homes, hibernated, and waited for it ‘all to blow over’. But while some of us were baking banana bread and completing Netflix, a brilliant bunch were out there launching new businesses — including family-run brand, Peak House Aromas. 

Founded on the belief that memories are stored through scent, the small team behind Peak House Aromas hand pour all its products in small batches using traditional methods, and components sourced locally to their Berkshire workshop. ‘Evocative yet comforting, sensual yet personal’, shop from a unique fragrance collection that includes unusual combinations, such as white lily and strawberry.


3. Lady Falcon Coffee Club 

Based in: San Francisco, USA

Shop wholesale: Lady Falcon Coffee Club

What’s in a name? For the Lady Falcon Coffee Club, quite a lot. Born on the San Francisco beachfront, Lady Falcon Coffee Club is an ode to the rebellious women who formed The Falcon Ladies Bicycling Club in the same spot (Judah Street) in the 1880s, long before women could vote, and when they were restricted by corsets and petticoats. 

With some of the most beautiful coffee packaging we’ve ever seen, here’s a female-founded brand that’s managed to instantly give us both wanderlust and caffeinelust. With a wide range of coffee and cáscara tea crafted the old fashioned way (with names that are anything but — ‘Stoked’, ‘Right on’, and ‘Holdin It Down’ being three of our favourites), this is a very exciting addition to our Food and Drink category — and to our mugs. 


4. The Sweary Card Co.

Based in: UK

Shop wholesale: Sweary Card Co. 

Hayley launched The Sweary Card Co. after trying to find a card for her brother with a *very* specific message (read all about it on her store page), and realising it didn’t exist. Taking matters into her own hands, she designed a range of cards with epically original slogans, and launched The Sweary Card Co. literally overnight. 

With slogans like ‘You have a nice face’ and ‘You go out more than the bins’, along with a host of wonderfully rude ones, The Sweary Card Co. helps us all tell it how it really is. 


5. Mantika Studio 

Based in: Germany

Shop wholesale: Mantika Studio 

Mantika Studio began life in 2018 as a small design label based in Tauranga, New Zealand, under the name ‘Wild Art’. But while travelling around Oceania and the Pacific Islands, Tina — the incredible artist behind the Mantika Studio designs — began using art to capture impressions of her travels. The name Mantika comes from the Latin word ‘Mantica’, meaning backpack (or the ancient Rome equivalent of), representing Tina’s ‘backpack studio’ which she always has to hand. Shop Mantika Studio for calming, nature-inspired wall art. 


6. Soul Analyse 

Based in: UK

Shop wholesale: Soul Analyse

You’ve heard of saying daily affirmations, but have you heard of wearing them?

Stephanie, one of Soul Analyse’s two founders, found daily affirmations so powerful in helping to lift her out of a low point in her life that she felt compelled to help others feel the same benefits.

And so Stephanie and Jasper (her co-founder) developed the idea for Soul Analyse, a minimal jewellery brand creating wearable affirmations, from their home in Brighton. By their own account, it was ‘the biggest risk of their lives’, but it paid off in a big way. Soul Anaylse has a growing team behind it, but its core mission remains the same — to change the way we talk to ourselves. 


7. Studio Dawn

Based in: UK

Shop wholesale: Studio Dawn

Studio Dawn has serendipitously landed on Creoate at the perfect moment — when we’re all looking to find ‘that’ new year hobby. Specialising in beginner-friendly macrame kits, Chelsie — the woman behind Studio Dawn — isn’t just passionate about helping fill homes with beautiful, handmade items, she’s passionate about macrame as a tool for relaxation and mindfulness, too. With kits available for plant hangers, coasters, keyrings and bunting, these kits make the perfect gift for those already-have-everything people.   

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