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10 Fashion & Lifestyle Trends to Look Out for in 2024



Embark on a journey through the hottest trends of 2024 across fashion, interiors, and lifestyle with our comprehensive guide, AKA your ticket to staying ahead of the curve this year. Whether you're sourcing for your boutique or simply seeking the next big thing, our guide is designed to turn trend-spotting into a seamless experience, while meeting all your wholesale shopping needs.

So, without further ado, let's get into what's 'In' for 2024...


Quiet luxury

This year, the tranquil elegance of 'quiet luxury' is in. We're stepping into a realm where cuff links, high-quality home essentials, blazers and pant suits seamlessly merge sartorial grace with laid-back vibes. The 'Quiet Luxury' trend redefines sophistication, making comfort and efficiency its guiding principles. Witness this trend unfold across both fashion and interiors, challenging traditional notions of luxury. Embrace the allure of a cosier, lived-in aesthetic, from well-worn chesterfields to lightly scuffed gilded frames, all while balancing modern minimalism and a penchant for preppy polo shirts. It's a harmonious blend of refined style and relaxed elegance.

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Radiant metallic hues

Metallics are no longer confined to party season; they're making a bold entrance into everyday wardrobes, everywhere. As runways redefine luxe day-to-day attire, anticipate a shimmering takeover that transcends traditional boundaries. Embrace the sparkle and shine, as metallic hues grace everything from casual ensembles to high-fashion looks in 2024's most luminous trend. 

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Green will be seen

In the realm of colour trends, approachable and muted greens stand strong, continuing their captivating presence well into 2024. These nature-inspired hues bring a comforting calm to modern interiors, establishing green as the colour of the season this spring. Witness also its pervasive influence across the fashion landscape, with bold and bright chartreuse taking centre stage.

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Warm neutrals, cosy chic & '70s revival

Gone is the era of greige, as we immerse ourselves in the warmth of earthy tones dominating interior design trends. While cool-toned, Scandi-inspired neutrals have dominated the past few years of interior inspo, 2024 is looking sunnier than ever with inviting beiges, warm terracottas and browns, off-whites, and natural materials. The palette is a nod to the seventies revival, with dark wood detailing and lacquered surfaces taking centre stage, echoing retro aesthetics and nostalgia for low furniture and plush rugs reminiscent of the signature 70s style.

In the fashion realm, expect a touch of androgynous dressing within this trend. Oversized blazers and shirts seamlessly coexist with cropped vests, long skirts, and corporate chic pantsuits, offering a business casual wardrobe update with a nostalgic twist. Step into a world where warmth meets style, and the 70s resurgence is more than a memory — it's a vibrant present.

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Pop art florals

In 2024, get ready for big, bold statements as graphic, contemporary floral designs take the spotlight across fashion and homeware. These lively prints, perfect for pairing with bright colours, promise to infuse your world with a burst of energy. Keep an eye out for dramatic rose prints, setting the stage for a romantically chic look this spring. Embrace the boldness of pop art florals as they redefine style with a splash of vibrant creativity.

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A resurgence of ruffles

Embrace whimsy and get ready for a delightful comeback in 2024 as ruffles take their place across both homeware and fashion. From frilly pillows, ruffled rugs, and charming table linen, to playful ruffled clothes and collars, this trend is here to inject a playful touch into our day-to-day lives. Picture a palette of pastel shades, seaside stripes, sweet gingham, and other fun prints, all harmonising with this charming and flirtatious trend.

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Checkerboard chic

Coming through alongside a wider resurgence of vintage detailing and aesthetics in the home, the timeless allure of checkerboard patterns is back. From stylish tiling to eye-catching soft furnishings and artwork, this monochromatic trend adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Embrace the nostalgia as checkerboard patterns provide a bold stylistic contrast against the vibrant palette choices of 2024, creating a perfect blend of classic and contemporary. 

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Sculptural beauty & statement pieces

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of sculptural art, as homes in 2024 embrace multidimensional beauty. From striking wall art to homeware accessories, sculptural pieces are making waves, adding texture and shape for an extra layer of aesthetic interest. Watch as spaces transform into galleries of modern elegance, where art and design seamlessly intertwine to create a visually captivating environment. 

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The sweetness of doing nothing

In the spirit of Italy's "Dolce Far Niente"— the sweetness of doing nothing — dive into a world of mindfulness, meditation, and deep rest, offering a respite from a busy, over-scheduled life. This trend encourages activities that promote slower living, and living well, allowing you to recharge and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Join the movement towards a more intentional, serene existence where the art of doing nothing becomes a sweet indulgence in itself.

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Mindful walking & trekking

Having seen a resurgence during the COVID lockdown era, walking and trekking have offered many a therapeutic escape into nature, and away from busy, chaotic lives. In a world increasingly drawn to mindful exercise, these activities provide a perfect blend of physical activity and mental rejuvenation. The rhythm of footsteps becomes a meditation in itself, weaving a deeper connection with the natural world. Amidst the embrace of mindful activities within nature, walking and trekking help foster a sense of tranquility. So, lace up your shoes, breathe in the fresh air, and embark on a journey where every step is a mindful exploration of the world around you. 


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