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Meet Some of Our Inspiring Female-Founded Brands

At CREOATE, we are lucky to have a community full of entrepreneurial and brilliant women. This roundup is dedicated to championing just some of the amazing female-founded brands selling through CREOATE.

With around 100 new brands applying to join CREOATE each week, and the majority of them being female-founded, picking just a few to spotlight was no easy task.

Here’s where you can catch all our new brands as they arrive. 

1. Now What Napkins

Based in: London, UK

Shop wholesale: Now What Napkins

Like over two million others in the UK in 2020, due to a double lung transplant in 2017, Pippa — founder of Now What Napkins —  was asked to shield because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Making the best of a bad situation, she set up a new business — Now What Napkins — creating unique tie-dyed cotton napkins from her kitchen in Battersea, London. Since then she’s teamed up with others on international collaborations, featured in a cookbook editorial, won praise from some lovely individuals and sent napkins and other products all over the world. 

The name Now What Napkins, is a spin-off from Now What Can I Eat? a website and social community that Pippa set up in 2017, which continues to grow to this day. At the heart of Now What Napkins’ products is a love of good food, hosting and eating together with friends and family.

2. London Wild Flower 

Based in: London, UK

Shop wholesale: London Wild Flower

Nikki founded London Wild Flower in 2017. It started with pottery classes — ‘Crafternoon Teas’ — held in Nikki’s studio, and the at-home pottery kits followed after a member of one class asked if she could buy some tools. 

Throughout the pandemic, the kits came into their own as many people discovered ‘the joy of pottery’ in lockdown. The kits provide all the tools your customers need to get creative with clay, including a whole booklet of advice from Nikki on how to build your first creations. 

3. Brit Botanics

Based in: UK

Shop wholesale: Brit Botanics

Brit Botanics was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic, when its founder had to temporarily close down her beauty business. 

The name is a nod to the founder’s belief that we should be using ingredients which are as locally sourced as possible, something she strives to achieve within her own products wherever possible. 

Brit Botanics’ hero product is the aptly named, multipurpose Hero Healing Balm; customers report amazing results on their lips, on their face as an overnight mask, on eczema patches, and on dry hands and feet. The calming lavender scent is always a big hit. 

4. Lux Beauty Club Botanicals 

Based in: Florida, USA

Shop wholesale: Lux Beauty Club Botanicals

Lux Beauty Club Botanicals is a female-founded, Hispanic-owned brand creating simple ingredient supplements for women’s health and wellness. Its Beauty Fruities Gummy range was researched and formulated by a team of registered nurses to nourish, heal and strengthen women’s bodies.

5. Nipper & Co

Based in: London, UK

Shop wholesale: Nipper & Co

Recommended by one of CREOATE's Account Manager, Franziska Kuhn, this is what she had to tell us about the brand:

'Marina founded her brand Nipper & Co after having her first child and struggling with breastfeeding. With the help of her degree in medicinal plants, she developed premium organic teas traditionally used to support customers in anything from breastfeeding, boosting the immune system, and relaxing to just giving you that oft-needed pick-me-up kick when the tough gets going.'

'Everything from the tea bag to the packaging is from a 100% recyclable or biodegradable material to make the world a little better. The packaging and names of the teas are so sweet, so make sure to check them out!'

6. Seedball 


Based in: London, UK

Shop wholesale: Seedball

Another of Franziska's recommendations, this is what she has to say about the brand:

‘Seedball saves wildlife! Over the last 50 years, there has been a huge decline in pollinators and other garden wildlife, so Anna and Emily came up with the idea to fight that by developing seedballs to help more people grow bee and butterfly-friendly wildflowers. Every product is eco-friendly and you can choose from a large variety of different flowers. Plus the packaging is beautiful and they make the perfect gift.'

7. Cherith Harrison



Based in: Scotland, UK

Shop wholesale: Cherith Harrison

'Cherith Harrison is a gift brand with wildlife illustrations which Cherith draws herself — and they are so beautiful', says Franziska. 'The collection includes a range of stationery products such as weekly planners and greetings cards as well as homeware gifts ranging from dish towels to aprons, bone china mugs, and canvas shopper bags. Most of her products also come with a description of that animal to add that extra personal touch. Go get yourselves a cute little puffin mug for your morning tea.'

8. Cat in a Box


Based in: Massachusetts, US

Shop wholesale: Cherith Harrison

Recommended by CREOATE's Head of US Brand Partnerships Tam, Cat in the Box is a certified woman-owned company that designs, manufactures and sells stylish and fun cardboard cat condos that are 100% animal safe. Made with eco-friendly products, their cardboard cat playhouses are FDA-approved food safe, so kitties can nibble with no ill effects. Their cat playhouses are designed to look sweet and unique and are designed to be enjoyed for days on end by furry friends.

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