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12 Best Quirky Wholesale Homeware Brands

Tired of stocking the same products as the store down the street? We totally get it: when everyone follows similar homeware trends, it can make for an unoriginal shopping experience, and also makes it hard to stand out from the crowd. 

So if you’re looking for wholesale quirky homeware, you’re in the right place. Over 2,000 unique, independent brands sell wholesale through CREOATE, so you’re guaranteed great variety. Below we’ve included a sample of 12 brands which we think fit the ‘quirky homeware wholesale’ brief perfectly. All are available to shop wholesale through CREOATE.

Quirky Homeware Wholesale Brands UK

    1. Wavey Casa
    2. Softer + Wild LTD
    3. The Colour Emporium
    4. KIBLIND Atelier
    5. Ratatouille
    6. Paper High
    7. Rachel Sender
    8. HANforum
    9. Extra&ordinary Design
    10. Doodle Moo
    11. Funky Doris
    12. Atelier Figures

1. Wavey Casa 


Based in: London, UK

About: 'Launched in Lockdown 2020, Wavey Casa is your go to shop for all things cute, bright, fun and (of course) Wavey!'

Shop Wavey Casa for: Fun candles, blankets, pillows and other decor items. 


2. Softer + Wild LTD


Based in: East Sussex, UK

About: 'Beautiful screen printed textiles reminiscent of vintage botanical illustrations and scandi styling. Lovingly handmade and luxuriously packaged in East Sussex, UK.'

Shop Softer + Wild LTD for: Aprons, oven glove, tea towels and other funky textiles. 


3. The Colour Emporium


Based in: Surrey, UK

About: 'The Colour Emporium was created by me, Katie, after a year of lockdown and a need to do something creative again. It is incredibly important to me that the products I create are unique and ethically made, that they are items you are proud to display in your home or gift to friends and family. I love colour in every shade that it comes and hope that you can find something to suit your colour palette here at The Colour Emporium.'

Shop The Colour Emporium for: Neon candles in all shapes and sizes.


4. KIBLIND Atelier



Based in: Lyon, France

About: 'Since 2017, KIBLIND Atelier, based in Lyon, extends KIBLIND Magazine’s artistic project through the production of original posters and illustrated books using various printed skills and particularly risography. Risography is a cold printing technique close to silk-screening, particularly eco-responsible. It is based on a layer by layer treatment of the colors and the use of direct tones, more intense, more vivid inks, made from vegetable oil and without solvents.'

Shop KIBLIND Atelier for: Colourful prints focused on contemporary illustration. 


5. Ratatouille


Based in: Heeze, The Netherlands

About: ‘Boutique Ratatouille is a special store with a weekly changing collection full of must-haves in the field of fashion, interior and gifts.’

Shop Ratatouille for: Dried flowers in bunches, jars and lamp bases. 


6. Paper High

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 10.05.09 AM

Based in: Lewes, UK

About: ‘We are a Fair Trade company and sell handmade leather bags, stationery, and homeware products. Our mission is to design and source good quality ethical fair trade products and to make a difference to people’s lives by providing them with continued work.’

Shop Paper High for: Photo frames, recycled bowls, Christmas decorations. 


7. Rachel Sender


Based in: Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

About: 'Hello! I'm Rachel Sender. I work as an illustrator, ceramist and illustration teacher at the art and design school in Rotterdam. I started playing with clay in 2013 as a way to get away from my computer work and I haven't been able to keep my hands off mud since. I came up with the idea of Potheads some years ago – little plant pots for the home or outdoors with their own faces and personalities, that add a friendly and humorous touch wherever they're placed. Each Pothead's appearance varies as they are made by hand at my studio in Rotterdam. No two are identical.'

Shop Rachel Sender for: 'Pothead' ceramic designs. 


8. HANforum


Based in: Würzburg, Germany

About: ‘In close cooperation with talented designers from South Korea, we offer an incomparable range in the areas of living and giving. Uniqueness means a lot to us – many of our high quality products are carefully handcrafted, unique pieces that stand out from other products on the market.’

Shop HANforum for: Wireless chargers and fun-shaped candles. 


9. Extra&ordinary Design


Based in: London, UK

About: 'Extra&ordinary Design is a London-based design studio found by Hyunhee Hwang. Extra&ordinary Design's main focus is on product design that turns ordinary environments into the extraordinary. Hyunhee has been in the design industry for the past 10 years as a designer for Korean beauty, personal care company and English design consultancy. Her ambition is in creating innovative, trend-leading, space decoration designs with a product design/innovation approach.'

Shop Anther + Moss for: Innovatively designed candle holders, propagators and trinket trays. 


10. Doodle Moo


Based in: London, UK

About: 'Doodle Moo is a lifestyle creative brand, designing unique art prints, homewares, stationery, accessories and acrylic jewellery. Our products are inspired by our love of graphics, bold colours and having fun. Doodle Moo is the creative studio run by Emily Canino MA. Emily was born in London and grew up in Venezuela, South America with blue skies, exploring beaches, swimming with jellyfish and enjoying the sun. Doodle Moo prints have been featured in Tatoo Fixers and The Circle Tv shows, Stylist Magazine and more. The creative planner was chosen as "best planner to get organised and creative" by The Stylist. All our posters are printed on beautiful conservation paper (FSC certified, ensuring our forests are looked after) and all our products are Fair Trade and we always ensure excellent quality. All our designs are doodled with love by us in UK.'

Shop Yapatkwa for: Funky colourful art prints 


11. Funky Doris


Based in:  Norway

About: 'Our design philosophy is simple, we simply want to surround ourselves with charming everyday products of lasting qualities. Our style is uncomplicated, warm and humorous. As Pablo Picasso says: “God invented the giraffe, the elephant, the cat. He has no real style. He just goes on trying things ”… a bit like us.'

Shop Laura Jackson Designs for: Bold geometric blankets and pillows


12. Atelier Figures


Based in: France 

About: ‘The Figures workshop is a project led by a couple passionate about art, travel and architecture. Their goal is to make you travel through their illustrations, which can be personalized, with the ambition to brighten up your interiors!’

Shop Atelier Figures for:  Modern and colourful prints influenced by travel and architecture.


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