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12 Best Quirky Wholesale Homeware Brands


Tired of stocking the same products as the store down the street? We totally get it: when everyone follows similar homeware trends, it can make for an unoriginal shopping experience, and also makes it hard to stand out from the crowd. 

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So if you’re looking for wholesale quirky homeware, you’re in the right place. Over 2,000 unique, independent brands sell wholesale through CREOATE, so you’re guaranteed great variety. Below we’ve included a sample of 12 brands which we think fit the ‘quirky homeware wholesale’ brief perfectly. All are available to shop wholesale through CREOATE.

1. Padg Made


Based in: Bristol, UK

About:Vibrant, colourful handmade items, that do good for the world, too. When we started Padg we decided early on that we wanted the things we make to have an extra purpose and be a vehicle for positive change in the local environment. To do this we include a small amount of wildflower seeds with everything Padg Made and actively encourage all our customers to start their own pollinator havens at home. Our mission is to get everyone to plant more wild flowers to help save our declining native bee population. Our small Padg jar candle packaging is even designed to be the perfect starter pot for the seeds (it’s shaped like a plant pot), so you can plant the seeds straight away.’ 

Shop Padg Made for: Vibrant candles and wax melts that do good. 

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2. Tiffany Jayne Designsspan>


Based in: Norwich, UK

About: ‘All our apple crate furniture is handmade and unique offering something a little bit special that you won’t find anywhere else. Using our own linen fabric designs we create timeless pieces of furniture which are beautifully made with a modern twist. Our lamp bases are made from reclaimed oak beams and the shades are all handmade.’

Shop Tiffany Jayne Designs for: Coat hooks, reclaimed footstools and wooden lamps.

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3. Pink Stories


Based in: Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany

About: ‘Inspired by a trip with three children in an expedition vehicle, Diana and Dominikus Brettner founded the small label Pink Stories over nightly campfires. Lovingly handmade design products in neon look – candles, stationery, decorative items and much more – all sustainably produced regionally in Bavaria.’

Shop Pink Stories for: Neon candles in all shapes and sizes.

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4. Thomas Gravereau


Based in: France

About: ‘An illustrator from Instagram sharing drawings, diversity and love’. 

Shop Thomas Gravereau for: Colourful prints focused around diversity, humanity and love. 

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5. Ratatouille


Based in: Heeze, The Netherlands

About: ‘Boutique Ratatouille is a special store with a weekly changing collection full of must-haves in the field of fashion, interior and gifts.’

Shop Ratatouille for: Dried flowers in bunches, jars and lamp bases. 

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6. Paper High


Based in: Lewes, UK

About: ‘We are a Fair Trade company and sell handmade leather bags, stationery, and homeware products. Our mission is to design and source good quality ethical fair trade products and to make a difference to people’s lives by providing them with continued work.’

Shop Paper High for: Photo frames, recycled bowls, Christmas decorations. 

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7. Emalco


Based in: Siedlce, Poland 

About: ‘Manufacturer of traditional kitchen equipment and a world-leading supplier of custom enamel mugs. We promote the old Polish heritage of enameling, which was once a thriving industry in Poland, through creative and unique designs. Enamelware has been produced for years and it doesn’t seem like it will ever go out of style. Our mission is to deliver our handmade, unique, original, high quality enamelware made in Poland to every client from the furthest corners of the world.’

Shop Emalco for: Enamel mugs, saucepans, plates and trays.

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8. HANforum


Based in: Würzburg, Germany

About:In close cooperation with talented designers from South Korea, we offer an incomparable range in the areas of living and giving. Uniqueness means a lot to us – many of our high quality products are carefully handcrafted, unique pieces that stand out from other products on the market.’

Shop HANforum for: Wireless chargers and fun-shaped candles. 

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9. Anther + Moss


Based in: The UK

About: ‘Anther + Moss was born out of a frustration that so many plant pots just don’t have proper drainage. We believe that buying a nice plant pot and having to drill a hole in it – or worse, putting a plastic pot inside – is not good enough. Lack of drainage can lead to a whole host of plant problems – it’s one of the biggest reasons people struggle to keep their house plants alive. (Pots without holes are very unforgiving if you’re a little heavy-handed with the watering can one day.) It’s for this reason that every Anther + Moss plant pot has a drainage hole and comes with a matching saucer — so you can be assured your plant’s always in a good home.’

Shop Anther + Moss for: Modern plant pots with excellent drainage. 

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10. Yapatkwa


Based in: Waardamme, Belgium

About: ‘Yapatkwa was born out of passion for textiles and textile design by Sabine and Tom who both have more than 20 years of experience in home textiles, mostly jacquard woven, an industry in which Flanders (northern part of Belgium) is definitely standing out from the crowd. Sabine as a talented textile designer and Tom as an experienced trader decided to join hands and put their shoulders under Yapatkwa, with the intention to create and produce jacquard woven textiles with decorative, stylish designs. We see it as a true challenge to offer an outstanding quality product that appeals to the taste of the contemporary consumer. By the way, yapatkwa is phonetic for the French “il n’y a pas de quoi”, meaning “you’re welcome”, which is what Sabine and Tom like to say when their customers say thanks for offering a great product.’

Shop Yapatkwa for: Funky animal-themed cushion covers. 

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11. Laura Jackson Designs


Based in:  London, United Kingdom 

About: ‘Laura Jackson Designs was founded in 2018 with the vision to bring contemporary design to the home. Inspired by world travels, Laura created a range of high quality homewares and prints which could compliment any interior. All products are designed in London, made in the UK and dreamed up around the world.’

Shop Laura Jackson Designs for: Tea towels, mugs and prints with stylised cityscapes, animal print and plenty of colour.  

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12. Atelier Figures


Based in: France 

About: ‘The Figures workshop is a project led by a couple passionate about art, travel and architecture. Their goal is to make you travel through their illustrations, which can be personalized, with the ambition to brighten up your interiors!’

Shop Atelier Figures for:  Modern and colourful prints influenced by travel and architecture.

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