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Add Some Ambiance: 14 Wholesale Candle Suppliers


Candles are no longer reserved for cosy evenings in. Thanks to the shift towards working from home, candles are now being used to create ambiance all through the afternoon, a trend Hannah from Home County Candle Co identified in our retail trends discussion last year. 

Candles are about more than ambiance, though. They're a piece of homeware, temporary or permanent, used to accent a shelf or table. 

It's safe to say candle sales are having a moment, and 'candle' is a search term that rarely leaves CREOATE's top ten. We have hundreds of independent wholesale candle suppliers selling candles of all shapes, sizes, colours and scents. But for now, here's 14 of them: 

14 Wholesale candle suppliers

  1. Limpide Candle
  2. Home Country Candle Co.
  3. Yorkshire Cottage Candle
  4. Yogi Candle Studio
  5. Luna Serene Candles
  6. Willow and Blossom
  7. Clueless Candles
  8. Cirerie de Gascogne
  9. Backyard Candles
  10. Amber Hue 
  11. Mackenzie Scent Co.
  12. Ecosenz
  13. Le Divina
  14. Violet Fifth Avenue

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1. Limpide Candle



limpide candle


Based in: England, UK

Shop wholesale: Limpide Candle

Limpide candle was born from a simple question: how to create a healthier home?  A candle is the best way to unwind from the chaos that life can sometimes be. Limpide candles was started to create earth-friendly products and share this passion with the world. All candles are hand-poured in London, with 100% soy wax, natural wooden wicks, premium fragrance oils infused with essential oils sourced locally for a healthier clean burn. Behind the scenes, Limpide candle is a small batch, black-owned candle commerce run with passion for craft, design and desire to give back to its community by supporting charities and foundations. 


2. Home Country Candle Co.


home country


Based in: England, UK

Shop wholesale: Home Country Candle Co.

The Home County Candle Co. is a luxury home fragrance brand founded by owners Hannah and Oli in 2018. Having grown up in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire they now hand-pour their range of beautifully scented soy candles and reed diffusers from their workshop in Hertfordshire. The Home County Candle Co. was born during one of their many walks alongside the Grand Union Canal discussing the places they grew up.

3. Yorkshire Cottage Candle


yorkshire cottage candle Co



Based in: Yorkshire, UK

Shop wholesale: Yorkshire Cottage Candle

Yorkshire Cottage Candle Co. is a luxury candle company based in picturesque Yorkshire, England. It was created during quarantine in 2020 when founder Davina was in search for a hobby and ordered a candle making kit from Amazon. After posting her candles to her Instagram she got over 200 orders in 2 weeks.

4. Yogi Candle Studio


yogi candle


Based in: England, UK

Shop wholesale: Yogi Candle Studio

Founded in 2020, Yogi Candle Studio believes that all home fragrance should be both affordable and eco-friendly. Katie, the founder, started experimenting and making candles at home to use during her yoga practice. What started out as a small hobby has turned into a thriving brand producing candles which are cherished by many.

5. Luna Serene Candles

luna serene candles


Based in: Dorset, UK

Shop wholesale: Luna Serene Candles

Luna Serene was originally created during the first Covid-19 lockdown in the UK. In times of anxiety and uncertainty comfort was found in lighting candles as part of daily rituals, whether in the morning with an uplifting scent to energise, or in the evening after the kids had gone to bed with a calming fragrance to relax and unwind. Anyone can fall in love with the process of making candles, from melting the wax to adding the correct amount of fragrance oils at the right temperature and slowly hand pouring each individual candle in small batches. So each candle is handcrafted and made with the best quality British soy wax, cotton core wicks for a clean and even burn, along with a blend of premium fragrance oils that are all vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

6. Willow and Blossom


willow and blossom


Based in: Liverpool, UK

Shop wholesale: Willow and Blossom

Willow & Blossom is a new botanical candle and melt company. All of their candles and melts are hand poured in Liverpool using soy wax, the finest fragrances, cotton wicks and biodegradable packaging.


7. Clueless Candles


cluless candles


Based in: UK

Shop wholesale: Clueless Candles

Clueless Candles creates marbled candles, wax melts, candle holders, pots and coasters which are vegan, cruelty- and plastic-free. These decorative candles double up as a bold piece of homeware, adding a pop of colour to any home.


8. Cirerie de Gascogne



Based in: Gascogne, France

Shop wholesale: Cirerie de Gascogne

Cirerie de Gascogne creates luxury scented candles in France with 'reassuring scents that wrap the living room'. Their candles burn 40 hours and are made with natural vegetable wax by hand. The products illustrate the changing of seasons, with the colours and scents exploring tradition, nature and the passage of time. 


9. Backyard Candles


evergreen candle


Based in: San Diego, USA

Shop wholesale: Backyard Candles

Backyard Candles is an eco-friendly candle company located in San Diego, California. The name Backyard Candles comes from the belief that we all share a collective backyard, and the brand's goal is to represent all backyards and in every form. Its candles are inspired by the elements; earth, air, water, and fire. Backyard Candles believes in doing everything it can to protect this earth, which is why it uses up-cycled coconut shells, recycled wine bottles, and reusable glass, ceramics, concrete, and tins. Its waxes (soy, coconut, and beeswax) are completely natural and clean-burning when paired with its cotton and cedar-wood wicks. It uses phthalate-free fragrance oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils to create its true-to-life aromatic fragrances. Its coconut candle packaging consists of biodegradable plastic wrap and a recycled label. 


10. Amber Hue 


amber hue


Based in: Romford, UK

Shop wholesale: Amber Hue

Amber Hue is a mother-daughter business creating eco-friendly and cruelty-free home fragrance products that can be enjoyed by everyone, including diffusers, wax melts and candles.


11. Mackenzie Scent Co.


mackenzie scent co


Based in: Yorkshire, UK

Shop Wholesaler: Mackenzie Scent Co.

All Mackenzie Scent Co. candles are eco-friendly, vegan-friendly and GMO free. The wax is blended together with rapeseed and coconut oil to make the best combination of scents and the perfect texture and consistency of wax. Handmade candles are created to bring a sense of home and familiarity to people so there is extra thought and care put in to make sure they are unique and add comfort to every home. 


12. Ecosenz




Based in: United Kingdom

Shop wholesale: Ecosenz

Ecosenz aromatherapy candles are created to support wellbeing with healing herbs for body, mind, and soul. During meditation, relaxing the body and mind can be a bit of a challenge. Aromatherapy can make a big difference, enhancing your meditation and giving you more clarity and peace of mind.  The candles are handcrafted with 100% natural plant waxes and the best essential oil blends. Unlike paraffin wax, which is made from a by-product of petroleum and releases toxic chemicals into the air, plant waxes are non-toxic and burn cleanly, without breathing in toxic substances. Lead-free cotton wicks allows the candle to burn evenly. 


13. Le Divina




Based in: USA

Shop wholesale: Le Divina

Le Divina is a premium manifestation and intentional candle line by Georgina Tolentino. Le Divina, meaning "the divine", was started when its founder was searching for candles as gifts for friends, but wanted them to have premium fragrances, vegetable-based waxes and ethically-sourced crystals. What started as a gift to encourage artists, small business owners, and moms to go after their dreams by practicing manifestation rituals became a passion to spread inspiration. The goal at Le Divina is to live the divine by creating a community of support and encouragement.


14. Violet Fifth Avenue


violet fifth avenue


Based in: Pennsylvania, USA

Shop wholesale: Violet Fifth Avenue

Violet Fifth Avenue makes handmade soy tea candles with crystal and dried flowers, herbs and petals. These candles promote healing, safety, self love, healing and positivity. They add to the atmosphere of a place and set the mood for any occasion whether it's a party, spa or mediation session.

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