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What is a LUCID Number?


If you’ve explored selling your products into Germany, you may have encountered the LUCID Packing Register (LPR). When you register with the LPR, you get a LUCID ID (or 'LUCID number’). 

But you may not be exactly sure what the LUCID Packing Register is, and if it affects your brand. Read on for all the information you need.


So, what is the LUCID Packing Registration? 

The LUCID Packing Register is a German sustainability initiative that requires anyone selling products into Germany to register their business and the details of their packaging, and (depending on the type of packaging) potentially to contribute towards the cost of processing and recycling it. 


Who needs to register for a LUCID ID?

As of July 2022, if you ship goods into Germany, and the goods have packaging, you’ll need to be on the LUCID Packing Register. That includes if you’re selling wholesale to retailers based in Germany. 


What information do I need in order to register?

The registration process is fairly quick and straightforward.

You’ll need: 

  • The brand name(s) that appear on the products you sell into Germany
  • Basic business information, such as address
  • Your name and contact details (although you can have a different ‘Designated Person’ and ‘Contact Person’) 
  • Your VAT number (or taxpayer reference number)
  • Your Company Registration Number
  • The type(s) of packaging you use 

How do I register for a LUCID number? 

Go to the English version of the Central Agency Packaging Register, and click the LUCID Packaging Register section, then ‘Start the registration’ when you’re ready to get started.

You’ll be sent a verification email after the first stage of the registration, and be sure to verify this link within 24 hours, or it will expire. 

Once you’ve created your account, you need to complete the registration process within seven days, so be sure to have the information we covered above ready to go. Once the registration is complete, you will see your LUCID ID in your dashboard.



How much does it cost? 

Registering with the LUCID Packing Register is free, but depending on the amount and type of your packaging, you may then have to pay a waste license charge. 


I sell products through CREOATE. Does this affect me?

If you want to sell your products into Germany, you need to have completed your registration with the LUCID Packing Register. If you receive an order from Germany, we may get in touch to request your LUCID ID. 

Haven't registered yet? No worries — you can easily opt out of selling to Germany for the time being through by going to Country Restrictions in your dashboard and ticking the box beside Germany. Don’t forget to hit save before you leave. You can update this at any time. 

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