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New In: Meet 7 of Our New April Brands

Image credit: Foekje Fleur

A warm welcome to all the new brands to join the CREOATE this month! From Scotland-sourced soaps to Baltimore-based incense holders, and everything in between, we’re as proud as ever of the variety, uniqueness and talent that lies within our seller community. 

We’ve spotlighted seven new brands below, but there’s hundreds more to peruse over on the main CREOATE website.

1. Melike Carr

Based in: Baltimore, USA 

Shop wholesale:

While many of us first turned to crafts during the pandemic, for maker Melike, crafting has been a way of life for as long as she can remember. 

‘My dad was the most handy and creative person I’ve ever known, and I grew up watching him work in his upholstery shop on Howard Street. He could fix or make anything and nothing went to waste in his shop. He taught me how to sew, cook, use tools, and always nurtured my imagination. Now his shop has become my workspace where I make pottery and books, do woodworking and photography, and, of course, upholstery which I am slowly teaching myself just as my father did.’ 

The Melike Carr store features a range of handmade incense and palo santo holders, as well as velvet meditation cushions. 

2. Pink Alligator

Based in: London, UK

Shop wholesale:

Since graduating in 2016, Ciara has worked in costumes for theatres across the West End. She sought a new creative outlet when the pandemic hit, and Pink Alligator was born. Founded in March 2020, she creates ‘gorgeous, colourful jewellery, gifts and home accessories for the modern woman’.

3. Foekje Fleur

Based in: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Shop wholesale:

Foekje Fleur designs attractive and colourful products that seem playful at first sight but are in fact inspired by serious topics like environmental pollution. The team hopes their products allow you to make a small change every day. We love their colourful and innovative ‘bubble buddy’ products.

4. Mayajoy Design

Based in: Plymouth, UK

Shop wholesale:

Mayajoy Design is a home and lifestyle brand which aims to bring joy and positivity to every home through colourful prints, patterns and illustrations. All products are designed by Maya Lawrence in her South West studio, with the aim of empowering women to chase their dreams and live a fulfilled life of purpose, contentment and joy.

5. Antonietta Torsiello Art

Based in: London, UK

Shop wholesale:

Antonietta Torsiello is an award winning artist and printmaker of Jamaican and Italian heritage from East London, UK. She works across various mediums, including silkscreen, lino print, acrylic, watercolour, drawing ink, oils. Her work discusses the relationships between identity, nature, cultural traditions and her own personal experiences. Growing up in a culturally rich area of London with vibrant African and Asian communities, Antonietta developed an appreciation of textiles and cultures which can be seen in her working style. 

Since 2010, she has exhibited her artwork with galleries and institutions including the OXO Tower, The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, The Prince’s Trust, University College London, Credit Suisse Bank, KPMG Bank and Transport for London. She has been running her art and greeting cards business since 2012, specialising in art cards and uniquely printed and painted designs to suit all.

6. The Handmade Cracker Company

Based in: Bristol, UK

Shop wholesale:

The Handmade Cracker Company creates traditional crackers with a contemporary twist. Ellie began the business in 2016 with the aim of creating something beautiful and individual that brought people real joy. Every cracker is uniquely illustrated or designed to make something really special for everyone. The gifts are a little more alternative than most and they focus on eco-friendly gifts and ones that can bring a little fun to the table. 

As a small British business they really value and support others, and as many elements of our products as possible come from other small businesses like their own. As a business, they’re also very eco-conscious and aware of their footprint. Every cracker is printed on beautiful, forest-friendly cardstock and wherever possible products are recyclable, reusable or even can be kept as a keepsake.

7. Edin Soap Co

Based in: US

Shop wholesale:

Born in Scotland and based in the US, Edin Soap Co. was created to offer handcrafted and cut soap and shampoo bars for people with sensitive skin. Each natural bar is made with love and care, and is plastic-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. All their ingredients are sourced directly from the UK which has a rich history of cold-processing soaps that goes back 300 years. 

Edin continues this tradition using the same traditional method while using the best materials straight from the earth itself. Join the team in their mission to eliminate plastic from the bathroom, and to help people cherish their bodies the same way we cherish our planet.

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