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19 Instagram Bio Ideas to Build Your Brand and Engage Your Audience

Instagram Bio Ideas

You have 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Those few seconds are your opportunity to showcase your talents, leaving a lasting impression on your audience that invites them to explore further rather than scrolling past. What is it that you want to get across in those seconds?

Whether your goal is to align your brand, build connections, or inject some humour, we have curated valuable tips and Instagram bio ideas that have been proven by successful brands and small businesses to help you make the perfect first impression.


19 Instagram bio ideas (grouped by theme):

  1. Showcase your company description and location
  2. Add keywords to increase profile visibility
  3. Add line breaks to create a clearer message
  4. Include relevant websites and accounts
  5. Show off your brand's tone and values
  6. Shout about your USP


1. Showcase your company description and location

Providing details, such as your location or unique talents, allows your audience to know if you can help them.

Adding informative and transparent information in your bio will build a connection with your audience and attract people that value what you have to offer.

Add a description of your company

When an audience doesn’t have much knowledge about your company, providing a clear description of what your business has to offer and if you are connected with another brand can help to keep their attention.  

Instagram bio ideas - BBC

πŸ“BBC does a great job of giving insightful information about who they are. With attention spans being short and a limited word count, mentioning what your brand does and its relations to other companies will help to engage your audience.  

Mention the products you sell

If your company supplies products, an Instagram bio is a great place to list those items, along with the location of the company.

Instagram bio ideas - Cotswold Spa Bathing Company
πŸ“Cotswold Spa Bathing Company has added a description as to what they supply along with their locations. By letting your audience know what they are purchasing and where it comes from, it allows for a sense of relatability and increases the likelihood of engagement.

Add your location

When your audience knows where you are located, they are able to decide their likelihood of using your service.

Instagram bio ideas - Blacklock

πŸ“Blacklock includes their location in their bio to help users easily discover all their locations and plan their visit more effortlessly.


2. Add keywords to increase profile visibility

Strategically adding relevant keywords to your profile unlocks the potential to gain organic traffic through search engine optimization (SEO). Instagram tries to match your search request with related handles, bios, hashtags, and places. With this method,  you will appear higher in search results making your profile more visible to your target audience.

Add services as keywords

Just by adding the services you provide related to top keywords, you can increase your visibility in searches.

Insgtagram bio ideas - Spotify

πŸ“Spotify applies a minimalist approach to their bio by just adding their top services. Briefly stating what they provide, such as music and podcasts. Instagram will consider their profile if users search similar keywords and allow for more visibility.   

 Instagram bio ideas - Luks Linen

πŸ“LΓΌks Linen uses its bio to describe what service it provides, but also adds relevant keywords to the end of its biography to help new people find it.



3. Use line breaks to create a clearer message

By creating white space in your Instagram bio, you provide a visually appealing layout that allows the audience to process the information easier. Without line breaks, the data can become overwhelming and challenging to navigate. Use your bio as a way to highlight your talents. Adding this will help create a clear message and engage your audience.

Breaking up your Instagram bio with relatable emojis can help build a creative use of space. Emojis are expressive and can connect with your audience.

Instagram bio ideas - Blue Monday

πŸ“Blue Monday uses emojis and strategic line breaks helps create a more precise image for the audience. Pairing emojis and line breaks creates distinct sections highlighting your brand and its talents, while also creating an easier read.

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4. Include relevant websites and accounts

Use your instagram bio as a way to increase user engagement, build connections, and gain trust. Adding personal accounts and easily accessible links will help increase user engagement. When users click on your account from ads, having clickable links in your bio will make it easy for them to engage with your page. 


Add the founder’s account

If you are a small business owner, adding your personal Instagram link can humanise your brand. Allowing your audience to see the person behind the business. It also allows for the audience to gain a sense of what your company's values are. Along with personal touch, you are creating an opportunity for increased exposure.

Instagram bio ideas - Marnie Rays

πŸ“Marnie Rays tags its founder, Lindsey Holland, in its Instagram bio. If a user were to come across this page and know who the founder is, they will be more inclined to stay on the page. 


Use hashtags to encourage user-generated content

Using reward-based hashtags in your Instagram bio will help your audience feel involved in your brand. 

Instagram bio ideas - Lilura london

πŸ“Lilura London is a UK fashion brand. They use #liluralondon in their Instagram Bio to encourage people to post about their brand with the incentive of being featured on their page. 


Highlight partnerships and build trust

Featuring other popular brands that consumers have trust in will help to gain the confidence of your consumers for your company. It shows its commitment to quality and sustainability by aligning with like-minded companies.

Instagram bio ideas - UpCircle

πŸ“UpCircle Beauty showcases alliances with other companies by tagging them in their Instagram bio.

Write a powerful call to action

A call to action will create curiosity in readers and impact the number of outbound clicks you receive. Using links and engaging descriptions can effectively boost traffic to your website.

Instagram bio ideas - Tabitha Eve

πŸ“Tabitha Eve approach is a good example. They create a sense of urgency and motivation to explore the brand further.


Instagram bio ideas - John Lewis

πŸ“John Lewis uses a third party link in bio tool to signpost important or popular parts of their website. They also make it easy to shop the products advertised on their feed by featuring the same images, which the user can then click to shop directly.

Instagram bio ideas - Sonder & Tell  

πŸ“Sonder & Tell also uses a third party for key links that are updated regularly in relation to what they are posting on their feed. 

Instagram bio ideas - Nigella Lawson

πŸ“Nigella Lawson, chef and bestselling cookbook author, uses the link in her bio to help her audience to find recipes faster. The link takes you to a custom page on her website where she has linked all the recipes promotes on her feed. 

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5. Show off your brand’s tone and values

Your Instagram bio is an opportunity to express your brand’s values, unique selling points, and personality. Use it as a preview of what your brand stands for.

Shout about your values

 Showcasing your values establishes an authentic and meaningful connection with your audience. By clearly expressing your values in your bio, you provide a sense of what your company stands for.

Instagram Bio ideas - Nike

πŸ“Nike uses hashtags to present their support for different communities.

Instagram bio ideas - Jojo Modern pets

πŸ“Jojo Modern Pets strategically includes eco-friendly, ethical, and values-based into their bio to promote their brand identity and reach their target audience.

Instagram bio ideas - The Psychic Tree

πŸ“Psychic tree is another example of a values-based bio. People's first impression will be that they are an ethical company that produces vegan and responsibly sourced products.  

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6. Shout about your unique selling point

Adding selling points to your Instagram bio can help engage your audience and drive consumers to switch to your product. It provides a glimpse into why your product is unique from others.

Instagram bio ideas - raw chocolate co

πŸ“Raw Chocolate Company calls their product award-winning. It highlights the quality of their product.


Favour your brand personality

Adding personality to your Instagram bio helps humanise your brand, align your values, and stay consistent in your social media presence.

Instagram bio ideas - pop tarts

πŸ“Poptarts brand personality is lighthearted and fun, and this has carried through to their witty Instagram bio.

Instagram bio ideas - Gymshark

πŸ“Gymshark embraces a young and inspirational personality to create a transformation. Their bio invites individuals on a journey of personal growth.  


Wrapping up 

Your Instagram bio serves as a powerful tool to showcase your brand and make a memorable first impression. Treat it like a business card or resume, emphasising your proudest business areas and showcasing your personality.



What's good to include in an Instagram bio for an accessories business?

Keep it simple! Add bullet points (using emojis) and mention the products you make, your tagline, and how quickly you can ship/whether you offer free shipping. Be sure to include a link out to your online store, too. 

πŸ’‘ Top tip: Your bio is only one part of the overall first impression that your profile gives off! Make the most of your story highlights and pinned posts to communicate more info and show off your products.


How can I centre my bio on Instagram?

A 'hack' to centre your Instagram bio is to add eight to nine spaces before every line of your bio. You'll need to write the bio out on your Notes app and then copy it across to your profile. 

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