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How to Write an About Us Page (with 7 Great Examples)


Writing about yourself, or your brand, is horrible, isn’t it? It can feel indulgent, boastful, and generally sends us scurrying to complete some other highly urgent task, like descaling the kettle.

But try to force yourself past this feeling. Because people read About Us pages; your customers, potential customers, and retail stockists. They care about your brand story, and you’re the one that’s best placed to tell it. 

It doesn’t have to be long or clever; it just needs to be authentic, and ‘you’. 


Tips for writing your About Us page: what to include 

Your About Us page should build trust in and warmth towards your brand. How you do this is up to you, but some things you should consider including are: 

  • Your brand’s mission, and what it stands for 
  • Your key product categories
  • A note on how you got started 
  • Pictures of you, and/or your team 
  • Any awards you’ve won 
  • Well-known stockists
  • Publications you’ve been featured in 


7 Great About Us page examples

We’ve collated seven About Us pages that we think really hit the spot. They’re all designed and written very differently, proving there really is no one way to nail this tricky page — and also that you can really bake in some fun, while you're at it. 


1. Paper Plane


Paper Plane’s concise About Us page oozes personality, and smoothly name drops some impressive stockists and press (social proof!). Writing in the first person (I/we) helps it feel extra informal and personable, which matches up nicely with the warm and fun tone of the brand.


2. Rose England


Rose England’s About Us page reads a little more formally, but gives a lovely insight into the life of this popular artist, and her sources of inspiration. It also looks great, with a striking image and plenty of white space to let the words and image shine through. 


3. Freddie’s Flowers


Freddie’s Flowers has over 120 employees now, but focusing its About Us page on founder Freddie’s story helps it retain its small business charm. The Freddie’s Flowers origin story is a heart-warming one, so focusing the page around this makes total sense. 


4. Dame


Dame’s About Us page brings purpose and personality to the period product brand. We love how focused this page is; no word is wasted, and every sentence packs a mission-focused punch. The team photo is also a really lovely addition.


5. Bold Bean Co. 




The Bold Bean Co. About Us page is a brilliant and slightly batty ode to the humble bean. No it's not concise, and yes the white font on black background is a bit visually overwhelming, but it is a lovely bit of storytelling, and delivers on a fittingly bold tone of voice. It also made us want to go out and buy some beans, so mission accomplished. 


6. KatKin 



KatKin’s About Us page, like the brand itself, is a ‘rallying cry to cat parents, to our team, and to the industry’, spreading the benefits of feeding fresh food to cats. The fluff-free tone still manages to bring plenty of fun to this meaty topic, while the mention of ‘world-leading vets, nutritionists, nurses and experienced Cat Experts’ lends instant trust to KatKin’s products, and reassurance to its cat parent customers. 


7. Daisy



Not every business has an industry-disrupting mission, and that’s okay. Don’t feel pressured to mirror those often overused values and mission statement formats if they don’t run skin deep for your brand.

Daisy makes timeless jewellery that helps people feel good; it’s not out to change the world, or 'revolutionise the way we wear jewellery' and that’s okay — it's not something that needs a revolution. Daisy's About Us page is aesthetically pleasing, true-to-brand, and generally beautifully-formed. The quote from its co-founder is a really gorgeous touch.


Final thoughts

If you’re still struggling with blank page anxiety, try noting down some bullet points from the list we included above, and go from there. 

But even if it’s painful to write, and even if your first draft isn’t perfect, publish that About Us page anyway — it’s such a popular way for people to get to know your brand, that it’s worth having it live even if you’re not totally happy with it. 

Circulate it to trusted friends and family, or anyone within your team. Over time, with a bit of feedback, tinkering, and a design zhuzh, you can iterate your way to an About Us page you’re really proud of.

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