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A/W Fashion: 14 Independent Brands to Keep on Your Radar

fall and winter fashion pic

For us, Autumn fashion means two things; layers, and bundling up.

As your customers look to update their wardrobes, and we’ve got everything they need to layer up. We've spotlighted brands with a variety of clothing and accessories that will keep your customers looking trendy and staying warm throughout the colder months. 

Here are 13 independent wholesale brands we're loving for autumn and winter fashion:

14 Independent wholesale clothing brands

  1. Atelier E.
  2. niceitim
  3. Miu Sutin
  4. ChicBoho
  5. Good Stuff Apparel
  7. Arctic Fox and Co.
  8. Splurg'd Studio
  9. A Squared Stores
  10. Litactivewear
  11. Claudette Wholesale
  12. DreamBuy
  13. Balabila
  14. Jess and Lou


1. Atelier E.


Demerara-Earrings-1-SQ-6132-1658754978-640x640-jpg (1)


Based in: Scotland, UK

Shop Wholesale: Atelier

Emily Peters is the creator, designer, artist and maker of Atelier E, which was created in 2009 as a small art-to-wear jewellery house. Atelier grew over the years into a full artisan workshop with in-house sustainable and non-toxic reclaimed fabric dyeing, designing, pattern-making, and stitching. Every move Peters makes is with the consideration of the delicate balance of our earth’s ecosystems and its people. Emily knows that things of beauty can hold and carry function, while also protecting the planet and its inhabitants. 


2. niceitim




Based in: U.S

Shop Wholesale: niceitim

niceitim specialises in providing various styles and high-quality denim clothing for men and women. This includes jeans, jackets, tshirts, dresses, and rompers. With over 20 years of experience in denim clothing, niceitim makes products at a competitive price and cooperates with some well-known brands like Levi's, Lee, Jack & Jones, JAG, Dear John, KUT, Sliver Jeans, Castro, Jennifer, Mark Fairwhale, and Fila. 


3. Miu Sutin


Miu Sutin



Based in: Spain

Shop Wholesale: Miu Sutin

Miu Sutin is a sustainable brand for women with authentic, original, timeless and limited edition collections. They offer elegant garments that are chic, bohemian, and made to last. All items are designed and made in Barcelona. Miu Sutin in Quechuan means “to sell the truth”, which perfectly defines their goals of being ethical, ecological, social, respectful of workers, consumers and the environment.


4. ChicBoho




Based in: New York, U.S

Shop Wholesale: ChicBoho

Founded in 2017, Chicboho centres around the idea of efficient and good quality service. They focus on the experience the customer has buying their clothes. ChicBoho wants to provide women between the ages of 18 and 65 with trendy clothing that is affordable, and that will make them feel confident.


5. Good Stuff Apparel


good stuff apparel


Based in: Los Angeles, U.S.

Shop Wholesale: Good Stuff Apparel

Good Stuff Apparel is based out of Los Angeles, and focuses on offering a wide range of wholesale women's clothing for your boutique including skirts, dresses, pants, joggers, apparel, jeans, activewear, sweaters, blouses and jackets. They have affordable shopping rates and keep their clothing looking and feeling comfortable. 






Based in: Bondues, France

Shop Wholesale: BILLYTEX

BILLYTEX is a designer of accessories and clothing for the men and women who love the city and the simple things in life, such as a white tshirt and jeans. Through unique designs and carefully selected materials, the collections are inspired by current trends but also made with the idea that they will be timeless and a necessity in everyone's wardrobe. 


7. Arctic Fox and Co.


artic fox co


Based in: England, UK

Shop Wholesale: Arctic Fox Co.

Arctic Fox combines Japanese and Scandinavian design to create simple, sustainable accessories that add to every look. The creators realised how much the fashion industry negativity impacts the environment, and it became their mission to make sure their products were of the highest possible quality to last a long time and enforce the idea of buying less. 


8. Splurg'd Studio


Splurgd studio


Based in: Cork, IE

Shop Wholesale: Splurg'd Studio

Splurg'd Studio is all about quality before quality. They want their customers feeling comfortable and functional in their clothing in everyday life; they know that looking stylish and feeling good in clothing can can make a person's whole day better. They are committed to bringing new trends while still keeping a timeless and comfortable look.

9. A Squared Stores


a squared stores


Based in: UK

Shop Wholesale: A Squared Stores

A Squared Stores is a black-owned online store based in the UK. They offer products originally manufactured in the UK, and their aim is to be a one-stop-shop for everyone. They deal with all kinds of product categories and try to deliver the best quality products at extremely affordable rates. 

10. Litactivewear




Based In: Delaware, US

Shop Wholesale: Litactivewear

Launched in 2020, Litactivewear knew they wanted to create products for female sports and fitness enthusiasts. In the initial stage of creating their brand, they experimented with different designs, colours and fabric. Its creator's vision is to tap into current trends, but also to put a unique spin on women's sportswear so it can be everyday attire.

11. Claudette Wholesale



Based In: Connecticut, US

Shop Wholesale: Claudette Wholesale

Claudette is a specialised high-end leather handbags and accessories brand made in one of the top leather supply factories in China and their products are sourced from some of the finest leather "houses" and tanneries in Italy. This line includes handbags, wallets, belts, gloves and some fur accessories. 

12. DreamBuy




Based in: England, UK

Shop Wholesale:  Dreambuy

Dreambuy's goal is to bring more value to parenting and the world around us through high quality, eco- friendly clothing. Their products are made from vegan and sustainable materials, but are kept affordable to the average parent. Their manufacturing process is ethical and cruelty-free, and they plant a tree for every order.


13. Balabila




Based in: US

Shop Wholesale: Balabila

Explore Balabila to 'see interesting and fitting clothing, create a novel life, and break the traditional image'. Balabila is dedicated to selling the latest fashion trends at a very affordable price and top quality.


14. Jess and Lou


jess and lou


Based in: England, UK

Shop Wholesaler: Jess and Lou

Jess and Lou bring you unique statement jewellery and beautiful gifts you'll want to keep for yourself, or give to a loved one. They're a small enough company to give personal service, but big enough to provide luxury designs at great prices. They sell jewellery, scarves and socks that are always tailored to the right season.

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