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A Guide to Net 60 Wholesale: Understanding How It Works


When you’re starting out in B2B (Business-to-business) and wholesale, it’s likely you’ll come across many terms you aren’t familiar with. Whether you’re wrapping your head around RRP (Recommended Retail Price), or learning about Lead Times — figuring out the lingo is all part of the process.

In this quick explainer, we’ll be going over net 60 wholesale. What it means, how it works, and how it can benefit you, as a retailer. 


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What is net 60 wholesale?

Net 60 wholesale is a payment term commonly used in B2B wholesale. Net 60 most often refers to the number of days a buyer has to pay for their purchases after the invoice date.

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How does net 60 wholesale work?

Net 60 wholesale refers to a specific credit term in which buyers have 60 days from the invoice date to settle their payment. 

Effectively, it is an agreement between the net 60 wholesaler vendor — in our case, CREOATE — and the retailer, allowing the buyer to receive stock upfront, and delay payment for a set period.

As a retailer, you place an order with a wholesaler for a certain quantity of goods. When it comes to stocking up on CREOATE, this can mean buying from one, or multiple net 60 wholesale vendors for a more varied stock-up experience. 

The wholesaler then ships the products to the buyer, generating an invoice with the payment terms, including the net 60 period, which begins from the invoice date. In the 60-day period, you as a retailer have the opportunity to generate revenue before settling the payment by the end of the allotted 60 days.


What are the benefits of net 60 wholesale?

Net 60 payment terms can be a blessing for independent businesses, particularly those just starting out with a lot of upfront expenses. Here’s why:


Better management of cash flow

Net 60 makes managing cash flow much easier, which in turn can improve profitability. This is particularly important when starting out, since it’s reported that up to 20% of small businesses fail within their first year. 

Laura Nicholson, founder of the sustainable makeup brand, Love the Planet has some advice for fellow business owners where cash flow is concerned:

"Cash flow is always a consideration, so I had to learn to prioritise the plans which were the most important and not to try and do everything at once. In the past, I have overstretched myself and then felt frustrated when I feel like I’m being spread too thin."




More flexibility

As a retailer, net 60 terms allow you the opportunity to be flexible with your finances, and test out new products to ensure they’re the right fit for your store and your customers. This is why CREOATE also offers 60-day free returns on all orders. That's right! We want to take the risk out of trying new products and unsold items. So you can comfortably stock up on new and emerging brands, and return anything that doesn't sell or suit your store

Building trust

Net 60 terms work on a basis of trust between wholesalers and retailers, which in turn can help foster loyalty and build long-term relationships between retailers and brands.


Stock your shop with net 60 terms

Now you've got a handle on what net 60 is all about, why not get to grips with some other common business initialisms and acronyms like EORI, DDP, or SEO?

Make the most of the flexibility and cash flow advantages of net 60 payment terms with CREOATE, and discover unique brands to feature in your store. 

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How does shopping with net 60 wholesale terms on CREOATE work?

When you create an account on CREOATE, we'll ask you a few quick questions, and then assign you a limit for shopping with your net 60 terms. We'll remind you when your payment due date is approaching. 

What are net 30 payment terms?

Net 30 wholesale terms work in the same way as net 60 ones, and just mean you need to pay for your wholesale order within 30 days of placing it, rather than 60. 


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