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18 Wholesale Wellness Brands You Should Be Stocking


The new year is just around the corner, which means new resolutions and goals to strive for. Often these goals focus on wellness or self-improvement, whether mental, physical, spiritual, or a combination of all three depending on the person.

So, help your customers prepare for their new year’s wellness and self-improvement kick by stocking up on some of our top wellness brand picks on CREOATE. There's something here to help everyone get inspired and motivated in 2023.

1. Retrograde Shop

Based in: Denver, US

About: From crystal pendants, to dishware, and uniquely patterned jars — the Retrograde Shop will definitely get your customers out of any funk that might be holding them back. Specialising in products that radiate light and positivity, they're perfect as gifts, or self-care treats, and are sure to bring wonderful energy to any home or store.

Shop Retrograde Store for: High-quality crystal jewellery pieces, engraved satin spar wands and charging plates, and other crystal-based trinkets

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2. The Divine Hag

Based in: Scotland, UK

About: Aromatherapy sprays are a great balm for both body and mind. Safer than candles, and easy to use on the go, they're an ideal addition to any wellness toolkit. The Divine Hag offers a variety of themed scents to aid everyone in all facets and stages of life. With sprays to help alleviate nausea alongside scents for sleep and concentration, this brand is increasingly popular with a range of different customers as a healthy and natural alternative to conventional chemical-laden room fragrances.

Shop The Divine Hag for:  Beautifully hand-blended, small-batch aromatherapy sprays 

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3. Cotton & Grey Ltd

Based in: Bath, UK

About: If candles are more your thing, Cotton and Grey has a wonderful selection of beeswax candle gift sets to choose from.  Designed to aid relaxation and well-being, their gift sets combine the sentiment of a greeting card with a thoughtful, affordable gift. It all started with their Twenty Minute Candles, which came about when they put together a small box of beeswax candles and handwritten affirmation cards for a close friend who was struggling in lockdown. Since then, they've cultivated a beautiful collection of products to share with the world.

Shop Cotton & Grey for: Thoughtful gift sets containing positive affirmations, and high-quality beeswax candles

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4. Jo Browne

Based in: Carlow, Republic of Ireland

About: Jo Browne is essentially a spa in shop form. Specialising in essential oils, natural soaps, aromatherapy accessories, bamboo cloths, and incredible skincare products — all eco-friendly, luxury, and handmade in Ireland. Perfect for stocking everything your customers might want for an at-home spa day, or indeed in a professional spa or salon as a refreshing natural alternative. 

Shop Jo Browne for: Beautifully presented natural skincare and aromatherapy products

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5. Myga

Based in: Birmingham, UK

About: Wheels, bolsters and bands — oh my! It is almost like looking at a forest with all the tree poses in the Myga store. Yoga is an excellent and easy way for your customers to refresh, and having good equipment always helps. Myga products span all the yogic essentials like mats, blocks, activewear and workout gear, as well as plenty of fun extras like candles, incense, crystals and more to set the mood. A family-owned business, Myga aims to cater to all your customers' yoga-loving needs, while also providing all the wellness accessories you could want.

Shop Myga for: Yoga essentials, accessories, and wellness products galore

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Based in: France

About: KULT COLLECTION'S candles are simply fabulous, especially for the eco-conscious. Made with eco-friendly, ethically sourced soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks, these candles are scented with French fragrances that are sure to ease the senses. What's more, their perfume comes from producers based in the Mediterranean town of Grasse, the world-renowned fragrance capital of Europe.

Shop KULT COLLECTION for: High-quality, eco-friendly & ethically sourced artisanal candles and perfumes, produced by French perfume experts

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7. Mira

Based in: Spain

About: Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend never met Mira. Mira Essential is a women's multivitamin brand that is all about giving women all the support they need. Their vitamins help with immune support, promoting better sleep, and joint health.

Shop Mira for: Multivitamins with key nutrients, created by and for women

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8. Not the Norm

Based in: Kidlington, UK

About: All-natural sunscreen is definitely something that should be getting more attention. Luckily, there's Not the Norm. They specialise in award-winning natural sun care products, alongside supplements and restorative hair care products to bring out your best, naturally. 

Shop Not the Norm for: Award-winning natural sun cream and health supplements

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9. La Montaña

Based in: London, UK

About: Inspired by the Spanish mountainside, these artisanal home fragrance accessories look and smell divine, with the candles themselves hand-poured in the UK. All La Montaña's candles, diffusers, and room mists are natural, plant-derived, sustainable, biodegradable, and not tested on animals — kind to the earth and the senses.

Shop La Montaña for: Natural, cruelty-free candles, reed diffusers and room sprays

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10. Spritz Wellness

Based in: London, UK

About: Spritz Wellness specialise in aromatherapy sprays that energise and help relax — they're a perfect addition to any wellness routine. With bundles for rest and relaxation, to dreamy yoga class essentials, Spritz Wellness has everything covered. They even sell scent-infused eye masks and pillows made with beautiful Liberty print fabrics, all designed to help transform your space and your energy to one of calm and peace. 

Shop Spritz Wellness for: Sumptuous aromatherapy misting sprays, and stunning Liberty print eye pillows and eye masks

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11. Bosh Bottles

Based in:  UK

About: Hydration is so important, and having a handy reusable water bottle makes it easier to get your recommended intake, while avoiding plastic waste. Opting for one of Bosh Bottles stylish water bottles, tumblers, or canteens is not only good for you, but for the planet, too. 

Shop Bosh Bottles for: Eye-catching water bottles, travel mugs, and reusable straws

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12. Blooming Blends

Based in: Bury St Edmunds, UK

About: Blooming Blends brings traditional herbal medicine into the mainstream with their beautifully simple yet effective tinctures, designed to support your customers through the common complaints of modern life. Whether it's digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, or general stress — Blooming Blends bring the amazing healing properties and benefits of common herbs into the 21st century in an elegant and accessible way. With no fillers, additives or nasties to be found, these blends are made with 100% natural ingredients. Channelling nature's magic to support your customers' daily well-being, these tinctures are the perfect addition to any wellness routine, and are sure to stand out beautifully on shop shelves.

Shop Blooming Blends for: Beautiful herbal tinctures designed to support, strengthen, and balance wellbeing.

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13. Scentimental

Based in: UK

About: Ever wish you could bottle the scent memories of a specific location you were travelling in? Scentimental has created premium quality fragranced goods inspired by some of the most beautiful and popular travel destinations. Nostalgia in candle form, Scentimental develops fragrances infused with culture and heritage, like memories waxed in time.

Shop Scentimental for: Artisanal candles and reed diffusers inspired by locations around the globe, an ideal gift for travel lovers!

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14. Nuud

Based in: Amsterdam, Netherlands

About: Deodorant is another way the skin can be exposed to nasty chemicals, yet this natural vegan anti-odorant in a bioplastic sugarcane tube is the perfect solution to stinky pits. All the goodness, none of the nasties. Sustainable, reusable, and gentle on the skin — Nuud is a refreshing eco-friendly answer to your customers' personal care needs.

Shop Nuud for: Easy-to-use, natural, eco-friendly deodorant

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15. Ria

Based in: Devon, UK

About: Ria's soy wax candles and complimentary aromatherapy products are lovingly handmade and designed to complement a conscious, balanced and fulfilled life by offering positive affirmations alongside their four signature scents.

Shop Blooming Blends for: Luxuriously scented soy wax candles, wax melts and diffusers that combine mindfulness and aromatherapy

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16. Odylique

Based in: Suffolk, UK

About: Odylique is passionate about creating certified organic skincare and beauty items, with their products suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Creating cruelty-free, caring formulas from natural ingredients, Odylique avoids using common allergens that might upset sensitive skin, and say no to synthetic chemicals altogether. The result is a range of super gentle products, all made using only virgin, cold-pressed plant oils and active therapeutic concentrations, providing high-quality care to allergy-prone skin.

Shop Odylique for: Natural, gentle skincare for sensitive skin that's certified to Soil Association standards

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17. Simplyseedz

Based in: Redditch, UK

About: Healthy habits are easy to stick to when breakfast looks this good! Simplyseedz offers simply delicious breakfast options that, though healthy, don't skimp on flavour. With various tasty options available, these award-winning pots of flavour are enjoyed by everyone from professional athletes, to regular folk opting for a healthier alternative at breakfast time.

Shop Simplyseedz for: Delicious porridge oats, packed full of flavour for a healthy start to the day

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18. Upcircle

Based in: London, UK

About: Upcircle makes vegan & cruelty-free skincare products by hand from ingredients discarded by other industries. These ingredients include coffee grounds from local London cafes, date seeds, fruit waters from the juicing industry,  and much more. Offering award-winning lotions, cleansing bars, and serums galore — there's something suitable for all skin types with their diverse range of products. The best part? Their glass packaging is recyclable AND refillable!  

Shop Upcircle for: Sustainable and convenient skincare solutions made using natural, upcycled ingredients, all approved by The Vegan Society

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